What is worse than the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs of 2014

TOP 100 DJ List Here

If you are familiar with the internet then you already know the answer to this question. Some how each year people forget that DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs are based on votes by you guested it: The people. That’s you, me, your grandma. Pretty much anyone that took the time to participate. Yet each year a large amount of people are completely shocked and outraged. You may find your feed flooded with folks slamming various DJs while others are sharing who their top picks would have been.

Boiler Room .Gifs

We as people are really good at looking at the most negative things and then focusing on them for days, sometimes weeks. Some of us are so good are letting something that doesn’t directly effect us bother us, we turn it into the bane of our existence.

What about celebrating the few artist that sneaked by or some wonderful accomplishments during the year? Is there room for them?

Predictable facebook and twitter feed for the week that follows:

“This is what’s wrong with the world.”
“DJ SuckerPunch must have slept with someone to get on this list…”
“This is why I stopped DJing.”
“These are all the excuses I use because I don’t really want to try any harder. It’s too much work and easier to be the outraged victim.”

Wait, what?

Could you imagine if the guy at work got a promotion and you just up and quit your job to go do something completely different. I mean you’ve been there longer and he got the promotion instead of you. He must be sleeping with someone. Because that’s how businesses function right? WRONG. At least not the ones you want to work in.  For some making those accusation leave the idea that the person saying them may be insecure with their abilities.

Be Curious!

Are you cut out for the job? Are you working to your full potential? If we broke it down and looked at the artists that made it how do you think it is that someone that get’s so much hate is being so hyped up on these lists? What are they are doing right?

Kilma, what are you getting at?

So maybe you’re still stuck in your way of thinking and all of this sounds completely crazy. but think about this. We are all given the same amount of hours in a day. We witness people from all different back rounds, rich, poor, poverty exceeding expectations or even becoming completely broke after starting out rich. And what about those celebrities that made it big and their careers took a turn for the worse ending up penniless? Or the ones that had nothing and made something great of themselves. What was that key factor? What was their trick for success?

Ask, Believe and Receive.

What I am saying is that we all have the ability to exceed our expectations but we have to put the time, energy and work into our craft. It wont happen over night and it wont be an easy road. And keep in mind that everyone views succeed as something different. Maybe being the on the DJ Mag Top 100 isn’t one of yours. Maybe it’s becoming a Radio Host on BBC Radio 1Xra or a success Label owner. If your downfall is someone else reaching a goal, you may just be the very reason you’re being held back from your dreams. When have to stop making excuses and start asking how we are going to make it happen for ourselves things start happening.

The only thing holding you back from your dreams is YOU.

Now take a chill pill, watch this video and think about the great things that happened in 2014 including how even SNL was able to make fun of how popular some genres in EDM became.

3 thoughts on “What is worse than the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs of 2014

  1. Casie Lane says:

    very well said, Kilma. I give credit to those men and women on the list. They are doing something right. Maybe I don’t necessarily like a certain style they play but it isn’t a contest on who plays the best music and while that is all subjective this is a popularity vote. Just like the presidency, Dancing with the Stars and when a group of people can’t decide on eating Japanese or Italian that lunch. Majority wins!

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