Fake DJ or Real? Trolling the Trolls.

Just over 13,000 views later and going strong, it would seem my social experiment has caused quite the buzz and there are no signs of slowing down. As my website continues to get hits from the YouTube video, I thought it was time I did some explaining. (The Video.)

With the uproar of artists complaining about sync djs or what they believe are fakes, I thought what better way to gauge an idea about what people REALLY know then to upload a video of myself? Fully aware of the trolling war ahead, I brace myself as I put up the clip with the controversial artwork, and title “Real or Fake DJ.” To my surprise even a few of my personal dj friends questioned the videos legitimacy. I made things a bit tricky by flipping the video, making the cdjs appear to go backwards, but I did leave a few clear slips and out of key mixes for the “mix by ear” djs.

The few that notice the slips had no mercy while some of the alleged experienced djs noted the turntable going backwards, hadn’t noted the pitch and cue on the opposite sides.  So why the hostility and why the assumptions with such profound and sure opinions?

fake dj

With the increase of questionable videos online it didn’t really surprise me all that much to get a few rude comments, but even my website was getting daily traffic from the video. Seeing how people responded to DJs Juicy M, Pauly D and Natalia Paris, it would seem based on the comments alone, most people found it more entertaining to jump to conclusions of a fake. If people were second guessing my legitimate video I knew there had to be MORE to it. So I started digging around and this is what I found.

Guerrilla Marketing (Videos):
These videos cause so much controversy people forget they are often creative marketing tactics with minimal costs, gaining notice of a brand fairly quickly. Sometimes they are pranks, other times they are staged.

Seems very few noticed the “apology video” that they linked in there at the end. Personally I liked it more then the staged prank video as they call out some of the behavior online.

If you feel like watching it, allegedly this video linked is of Natalia Paris. Quickly went viral even though you couldn’t clearly see her face people didn’t question who it was. Could it be anyone posing as her? Sure, maybe. We’ve seen it before. But often the assumptions before anything.

Do you remember that awful and awkward interview David Letterman experienced with Joaquin. Little did we know that it was for the mockumentary “I’m Still Here” staring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Casey Affleck. He tricked many of us (including me) into thinking he quit his acting career to become a rapper. The videos that followed of his “live shows” were outrageous but you had to see it for yourself. I was one of the many people that thought he had lost his marbles.

Mocked Up Videos:
Does anyone remember DJ Pauly D? Someone took a video from one of his live DJ sets and altered it to complete shit.  Do you think he made it to blast the guy, or gain loads more viewers and subscribers on his channel? Because it worked! Even though the noises of the crowd was completely off that didn’t stop an all out troll war in the forums. Tubers took to the comments and they were not nice.

Watch The Fake video.
Watch The Real video.

Personal Preference:
It’s clear to me that there are loads of different set ups DJs enjoy using. Simply put, people do what works for them. Vinyl, digital, live p.a. or a tambourine. If it works for them, great! For me, I think having respect for other people’s choice in how they do things is a part of everyone getting along in the scene. I realize that what other people do, doesn’t have to affect me directly. It’s a message I could rant until I’m blue in the face . So why is it for some reason people still let the little things get to them? Things like how and what another DJ is using to play their music. Paris Hilton is just one example of this conversation. Which brings me to the next video in question.

DJ Juicy M is a great example of a DJ that proudly does what works for her. If you’ve watch one of her many promotional videos it’s pretty clear that this woman puts some serious time and energy into her DJ sets. Probably more than most of us can admit to doing. (Watch Below) She does not use headphones to mix, which of course caused a lot of controversy. However she took the time to explain just how she does this.

She even goes as far in her videos to use the internal microphone over an audio input. That extra bit of truth behind what she does yet people STILL to this DAY call her a fake DJ. This blows my mind. This lovely women politely debunks what people state is “fake.”

So I ask;

Can we tell the difference? And if we do, do we care either way? Do we let personal preference or pre-judging get in the way? Is real and fake by definition something completely different to each person?

Some might even say that you’re not a “real” DJ if you do not play vinyl. I wonder what the successful producer says to the person that tells him/her that they aren’t a real producer because they never learned to play the piano.

Can people tell the difference?

The short answer:
In my opinion, If someone has already made up their mind, they are less likely to admit a wrong. They are more than likely see a “possible flaw” and run with it, never looking back. (Just Look at the comments in my video and you’ll see what I mean.)

A curious mind might dig a little deeper and ask questions instead of making assumptions. They are more likely to find the truth and if feeling 100% might even attest! (Like I did in this article.)

Round 2 should prove to be interesting on it’s own.

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4 thoughts on “Fake DJ or Real? Trolling the Trolls.

  1. DontKilmaVibe says:

    I think that a lot of people seem to be of the opinion, “it ain’t that hard…” but I to me that’s like saying, “it ain’t hard to cook…” well hey yea maybe anyone can LEARN how to, but not everyone will have the passion to keep at it, learn different techniques and put together the perfect cake.

  2. Andy Bolam says:

    I think its easy to talk the talk but to this day I’ve never seen a talker ‘walk the walk’. When I first got into electronic music there was only Vinyl, but I don’t want to say ‘it’s not DJing if you can’t beat match or scratch on Vinyl etc etc’ because that is nonsense, the tech is there now to be so much more creative than that, why not use it?

    Yes anything takes practice to be good at but if you think just anyone could buy 4 decks and ‘learn music structure’ and achieve what Juicy M can do then you are perhaps naive to say the least. And it’s not really the point that others might be able to learn to do this so it’s ‘not that special’. You feel you have the right to try and intimidate them by saying they ‘aren’t that good’? What a big man you think you must be. Well done.

    I think the point is, you are watching someone being artistic and creative no matter what methods or tools they use, you are not being asked to judge how well you thought they did it.

    I don’t think I’m a brilliant musician or producer, but should I just stop because I’m not as good as Radiohead? No I do it because it’s what I love to do.

    They just don’t care, they just want to get you dancing. Do you understand?

    Just watching the videos on this post proves to me that
    i) these people love what they do
    ii) they are creative beings
    iii) so what if they aren’t as ‘good’ as others – it is their form of expression
    iv) they can be arsed to put this together and share it for the pleasure of others

    OK so now I’m getting that feeling where I’d just better stop.

    It’s just that internet trolls, although very entertaining a lot of the time, are also far too indicative of the majority of ignorant fuck faces that live on this planet. So I hope I didn’t turn into one and that I’ve put a positive vibe into what is a very good article/page/experiment/project.

    Thank you Kilma, piss off Lee

  3. DontKilmaVibe says:

    I wonder if these amazing, crazy yo-yo people are like, “Omg, walking the dog? Anyone can do that… just invest in a nice yo-yo and practice for a few hours.”

    I watch a lot of “live mixing” from big time acts on shows like mix mag lab, boiler room tv and be-at. I’ve yet to hear the perfect mix. So I guess by your definition none of us are really all that good.


  4. lee says:

    in my opinion people think what juicy m is doing is a cheating or fake or something hard it aint neither of these its just having the money to buy 4 decks practice and know music structure and thats all it is nothing more nothing less anyone can do this style of djin with 4 decks and practice its possible entirely possible although tbh she isn’t that good at scratching or beatmatching tbh

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