Why you shouldn’t become a DJ (Do you have ulterior motives?)

There are 4 reasons I think you shouldn’t become a DJ.  This isn’t meant to discourage you from dj’ing, so much as getting into it for the wrong reasons. The “wrong reasons” for one person can be completely different for the next but I am talking about people that have no interest in the artform nor business side. They may have high expectations and little knowledge but their motives are clear. It’s time to get honest with yourself and whether you are truly passionate about this or if there are other motives at hand.

why you shouldn't become a DJ

1) To meet women/men
When I was 16 most of the girls thought it was pretty cool to see guys our age driving sweet cars. Until they realized that’s where all their money went. Forget the fact he had no cash left over to take you on dates. The guy was working so often and could barely make his monthly payments, you could forget any time left to spend with you. If you’re a DJ chances are you’re experiencing this now. A work load along with trying to find time and energy to put into promotion and practicing just to play a free gig for promised “exposure”. If you are becoming a DJ to meet a new partner, you may want to join a dating site. Unfortunately people that are attracted to a person just because they are a dj or rock stars tend to be flaky.

Don't be a dj
2) Doing it for the music
I wonder if the people that say that, know what it sounds like to scammers. I can already hear those sleazy promoters coming around the corner asking DJs to play gigs for free because “isn’t it all about the music.” Look I love music and I wouldn’t want to live without it, but that doesn’t mean selling yourself short. Do it for YOU too and don’t feel bad about making some money! Sure you are going to do some events for free here and there but educate yourself on what gigs are exposure worthy, which usually includes networking with people that have budgets.

Don't become a DJ

3) Status Symbol
Hey I get it, rock stars are sexy and it’s feel great to be loved. But if you get into something for “status” reasons only, while your piers are driven by a their passion, it will show. Most audiences can tell authentic vs. someone with no real conviction in what they do. In the long hall the ones that fizzle were never all that serious about it to begin with.

don't become a dj

4) Instant gratification
Whether you want your ego stroked or just love the “likes” and “follows” on Instagram and Twitter it will never truly fill that void in your heart. Remember those kids in high school trying desperately to be loved by people that didn’t appreciate them for who they were? They only ever loved them for being something they weren’t. For DJs, sometimes that’s playing music they don’t really dig or pushing their brand in a way that doesn’t reflect them.  I get it. Everyone wants to feel accepted and loved. But at the end of the day it will always better to be disliked for who you are, than loved for who you are not. Don’t let the fake love from others get in the way of true love for who you are and what is important to you.

Why you shouldn't become a DJ

If you genuinely feel that this is the next career move you’d like to make, that is fantasic! I hope you will enter with passion and knowledge so that you can make the best decisions to reach your dreams. Know what to look out for, constantly be educating yourself and be cautious of scams. Getting clear about what your goals and intentions are can save you time, energy and money. Like any successful entrepreneur, if you really want to do this properly you’ve got to know what you’re getting into and have all angles covered.

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Written by Kilma    Kilma


One thought on “Why you shouldn’t become a DJ (Do you have ulterior motives?)

  1. Kevin M. Kennedy says:

    NO. NO. AND NO. I want everyone who wants to DJ to do it for all these reasons…so that they can do the one thing that they’ll learn the BIGGEST.LESSON.IN.LIFE from: Failure. If you’re DJing because guitar lessons take too long and you don’t want to play with a band? C’mon, get a controller and put it in front of your macbook-download some mp3s via torrent and become frustrated like all the other guys/gals your age that are trying to do the same thing. Go get yourself a DJ night at a coffee house that closes at 10pm where everyone thinks your tip jar is where they put their spoon after they’re done with it. Please…muck up the works and talk to every promoter in your town and tell them that you’ve only been playing for 3 months, but all your friends think you’re better than their resident (don’t tell him/her that you’ve only seen the resident DJ at the club once). Please! Force yourself to pick a style and then when people tell you that ‘everyones playing (insert name of new/hot/underground sub-sub-sub genre)’ you’ll have to switch too. And, YES…All of your ‘dedication’ and ‘talent’ (you know, those 3 weeks of watching youtube tutorials and spamming user forums for questions answered long ago) will pay off! At less than 2 cents per hour…Being a DJ is a learning experience. There is no right reason for getting into it. But if you do, be forewarned-you will NOT be welcomed with open arms by everyone…and you’ll have to fight with everyone else who wants to be a ‘superstar DJ’ RIGHT. DANG. NOW.

    Great article:)

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