What Is A Press Kit And Why Do DJs Need Them?

Asking a magazine to feature you without the use of a strong press-pack is like asking someone to hire you but not having a resume on hand. A press-kit is just that, an artist’s resume. Chances are the one to hire you without knowledge of your experience and references to your work, might not be your best choice in quality employment.  As a professional club owner, agency representative  or label owner, they will be on the look out for  that artist with an edge and the extensive experience for the job. A well done EPK will showcase just that.

Electronic Press Kit EPK


An EPK is your DJ resume. It may come in the form of a zipped file full of folders or in the form of a PDF. The old school way is of course PRINT. But some of us will even pass off our press-kits in USB form.

What is in a press kit?

You can find a biography, discography, affiliates, logos, professional press photos, previous media, technical requirements, website and all other social media links.

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What Is in a bio?

DJ Casie Lane explains it perfectly. “Your DJ Bio has a single purpose – to establish your expertise.” Your bio is about YOU and what you offer as an experience with your awesome skills and knowledge base. What sets you apart?

Tips: Write out your accomplishments in point form from earliest to most recent. Tour dates, radio appearances, music releases, anything that may impress people. And then get someone else to write it!

Writing in the third person can be strange, so don’t be afraid to ask someone with the super suave writing skills to put the information together in a unique way.

Electronic Press Kit EPK - Menu Page

Why do I need professional photos?

The same reason you expect your lawyer to show up in a suit and not sweat pants. If you’re paying the money to bring an artist out, they should at least spend a few bucks to the nice photos for use on the flyer or magazine interview. You really can tell the difference between the DJ setting a timer on their old digital camera  or mobile phone vs. the artist that spent the money on an experienced photographer, hair stylist and makeup artist.

Website, Links & Videos

I can not tell you how many times I’ve asked an artist for their social media links and they don’t even have a facebook fan page. Did you know 93% of marketers are using social media for business, more than 46% of people turn to social media before making purchasing decisions and the most popular form of advertising online are pictures and videos. And professional club owners are on the look out for artists that are savvy on these networks. It’s not about how many followers, but how loyal.


Releases and Mixes

If anything in this artist’s resume needs to stand out, it’s the music you are trying to get these people into. If you can make someone fall in love with your music and style of djing, you are set. I recommend mixes should be no shorter than 40 minutes and not too much longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Having multiple music accounts like Soundcloud and Mixcloud are acceptable as some people have a preference. It’s not uncommon for DJs to have more than one mix showcasing various styles they offer. One example might be a dj playing for a lounge vs. a more high energy party atmosphere.


Now what?

Not sure where to start? Let me build your EPK! And don’t forget to grab the FREE Ultimate DJ Planner!




2 thoughts on “What Is A Press Kit And Why Do DJs Need Them?

  1. DontKilmaVibe says:

    Patrick, thank you so much for your comment and checking out the blog. To answer your question, at the end of the day I think people do what works for them. I wrote an article about the “4 Types of DJs” and mentioned how for some people it’s just this fun thing they do. There is no real goal in mind, they just want to have fun. That works for them and that’s FINE. However there are those of us doing it for a living and absolutely LOVE what we do, but we still work really hard and deserve to be paid for our work. That doesn’t make us less “into it” but understand our value as an artist. People get really stuck thinking, “Well I shouldn’t be paid to do something I love.” Well if you do your job well, yes you should! My husband loves his job in construction but he still spent money going to school, worked hard to move up in the company and of course has bills to pay.

    It sounds like you are asking, can someone without a press-kit have recognition solely on their mixes. SURE! World wide? Well, while it’s possible you would be the exception not the rule if it did happened. You’re competing with a lot of DJs and they are using various creative marketing tactics.

    A lot of artists relate to feeling “superficial and vain” when it comes to press-kits. Understandable. It’s a resume but you’re basically bragging with pictures and videos. But that’s what people get stuck about, they feel like they aren’t authentic or come off “cocky” because they’ve got a nice press-kit. But professional promoters, labels, magazines and dj agencies want to see and use these press-kits to prepare their content, features and event flyers. Also keep in mind everyone’s different. My EPK is going to look different from the next guy. I want mine to stand out but represent MY BRAND. No you don’t need glamour shots, but quality photos are helpful.

    I think people forget they are competing with people that do this for a living still, with a passion and love for it, but also work extremely hard to get where they get. So if someone decides they want to charge for their services or take their business seriously enough to have a website, business cards and press-kit, that doesn’t mean they aren’t “doing it for their love of music, but at the end of the day your land lord isn’t taking “exposure at that festival you played for free” as rent.

    My advice, get a goal in your head and get specific about it. You mention you’d like to gain recognition solely from your soundcloud. Having a great mix, isn’t enough. I could be an amazing artist but if all my paintings are int he basement how will people magically discover it? Find forums, groups and people that dig your sound and ask for their opinion. That’s one way you can go about it. Another way is funky album art. With the age of the internet you have a lot of opportunities but unfortunately people get stuck in thinking, being good at something is good enough. I can have an awesome resume but if I can’t talk to people one on one… I’ll be awful on the interview.

    Just something to think about 🙂 hope that was helpful and thanks for making this your first place to post. That’s brave!

  2. Chunti Chuntaro says:

    Before I get started I want to say that other than commenting on tracks and mixes posted to soundcloud, this is the first time I’ve commented on anything online, so please go easy on me. Now having said that, I’m curious to know if you have any advice for someone who is interested in djing that truly just wants to be in it for the music. I have a soundcloud page with some of my beats, but this is my only form of online presence. I chose to create a soundcloud profile because I like the fact that it has no association with my personal life or how I look. It’s strictly music and that’s the beauty of it. I don’t know if I’m misinterpreting the article, but I feel like what your saying is that a DJ can’t achieve success without having a bunch of glamorous head shots in their press kit, and a facebook page with selfies, photos of what they ate for lunch, and opinions on various subjects that ultimately have no relevance to the music they’re creating. If this is the case, I guess I’ll just have to live with being mediocre. I’d also like to clarify that I don’t think there is anything wrong with someone doing this if that’s how they wish to market themselves, but I can’t bring myself to do it because I would feel to superficial and vain. I suppose what I’m really asking is do you think in this day and age that a person such as myself could get much recognition solely from a soundcloud page?

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