Measuring your success – How well are you doing?

Measuring Success how well are you doing?

Personally, it has been a dream of mine to do motivational speaking. Imagine my excitement when DJ Your Life’s asked me to speak for their Off The Record project? At that point I had quite a bit of practice with my #BrandMeSilly course in public speaking, but as I prepare for this… I realized just how different it would be. In being asked to do this, some of the topics mentioned sparked up a lot of interesting questions within myself. It got me to analyze how I was doing things, how much  had changed throughout the years and gauge my success.

What is Success?


Success may refer to:

Success is of course different for each person. It is one best used to measure how well you’re doing vs. how well you are doing compared to others.

Competing with yourself

People say a little competition is healthy, but the competition we really need to focus on is how much better we are doing since the day before, week or even year. Sometimes people get caught up on “being better” than the next guy and they go too small. Once accomplishing that they might never try any harder or they build resentment towards that individual. It’s good to have personal goals and realize those goals will change and grow as time goes on. But comparing yourself to others can be a dangerous cycle.

Celebrating the small victories

In planning for my goals, I knew the only way I’d accomplish the big things is to do little things each day. Maybe I was networking with different Canadian artists, practicing for a weekend dj set or I could just be dropping off a mixtape to a couple local promoters. I had to celebrate the fact that I landed a dj gig, finished recording a mix or created a solid and reliable new contact. I was working towards a bigger picture and putting in the time need.

The hard part

Being patient. Why? Because we live in a world where self gratification is everywhere. A like on your post, comment on your status or even a share of your mixtape. Many of us have grown accustom to these self-gratifying, sometimes undeserving attention that when we aren’t getting it, we doubt ourselves and abilities. We have to allow things to fall into place without rushing it before we are ready.

“Heaven forbid we reach our dreams and aren’t ready for it.” – Unknown

When you make a mistake, don’t miss the lesson.

If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not taking risks. This is such a great way to measure your success. If you were still making all of the same mistakes,  chances are you wouldn’t be going any further in your career.  Someone would still be screwing with you, you might still not be getting paid and struggling to stand out among your piers. You might even be making silly mistakes that are bringing the wrong type of people into your life.  Everything is a learning experience that can bring you towards success, but you have to learn the lesson first, and apply the knowledge as you go.

How do you measure your success? What is something you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of? What is a lesson learning experience you’ve had?

Next week’s topic – Self Motivation – because you’re never “in the mood” when you need to be.

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