Stuck – DJs going no where fast.


Earlier in the year I was asked by the owner of DJ Your Life (Steven Petznik) to speak at his Off The Records event. He sent me a series of questions and subjects he wanted me to talk about noting that each person there could be at the very start of their career, to feeling STUCK in their present state years into their passion. As I reflected and started to go through all of my written articles, research and experience; I quickly realize that my speech on “Branding” was turning into a talk about “Mindset.” I truly feel it is the core of your success. I wrote an article on the 4 types of DJs that said it all. The effects of one’s views, vision and how that can effect people in the long run.


I am often asked questions from artists about “getting themselves out there.” Thinking that if their online presence is good, they’ll get the bookings. Or on the flip having  a great mix out, would do the trick. But at the end of the day everything came back to their “mind set.”

The Thoughts

In the comments made, often I would hear comparisons to OTHER artists within their local scene, that they felt were “getting the gigs” they deserved. Some admitting to feeling like they would have to start buying “likes” to get taken seriously by promoters. Their mind set was often stuck on a negative loop, even doubting their own abilities. It really is no wonder that people become so confused about the promotional game when there are far many more assumptions being made than actual research.

Why Bother?

I spend a lot of time, energy and money into creating a brand that doesn’t just stand out, but help improve the quality of the scene I’d like to see thrive. Years of research, trial and error but all worth the lessons I learned through those experiences. It’s all worth it to me when I see more people working together in harmony rather than against one another in anger and confusion. And that’s ultimately what causes a lot of drama within a scene. A bunch of great people that don’t know or feel stuck when it comes to expressing themselves both verbally and artistically. The goal; to break down those barriers one artist at a time while finding that common ground we all stand on.

Team vs. Competition Mentality

I believe there is room for everyone and that we all have something unique to offer. Sometimes that just means doing a little digging to find it. What better way to do that, than to come together in motivation and support to discover our true passion. We know working for free or undercutting other artists brings down the quality of our scene. Sometimes we just need a different sets of ideas that help move us forward.

In my  speech I talked all about overcoming challenges in branding including how your mind set is one of the most important parts to your success. My goal was to teach how to get yourself motivated, organized and create the thoughts that become the habits that lead to your success!

After thoughts: I felt excited and blessed to be working alongside such a talented and knowledgeable group of people and I hope those of you there took something from it and continue to keep in touch.

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