5 Reasons DJs Need BIGGER Goals

Imagine you love swimming and you’re pretty good at what you do so people ask you, “Are you thinking about going pro?” And you tell them, “Well I’ll see where this takes me. I’d love to, just need the right scout to see me.” Yet you never take a class, or talk to a pro and continue  swimming occasionally in waiting and public pools… Sound familiar?

These are ideas many djs all over the world have. No plan, no real BIG goal, simply expecting their amazing talents to be “good enough.” While we’d love to tell you, “That’s the case… ” it’s just not. So we are here to help you get a better idea about why YOU should set bigger goals for yourself.

Why djs need bigger goals

1. You Hold Yourself Accountable

It is truly a powerful thing when you are able to take full responsibly for your actions, because it also shows you just how much power you have in accomplishing your dreams. Choosing to spend your money and time according to your goals takes self-control. This is often a reason people don’t want to set goals, because they know they must really buckle up. But we know you’re up for the challenge.

“Be More, Do More, Have More!”

2. Bigger Goals Make The Medium Sized Goals Easier

It’s intimidating to set out a big plan for your future, but if you break it down into smaller tasks you start to realize just how manageable your dreams are. When you aim too low, those tasks become just as daunting, but create a bigger goal and suddenly those smaller goals are easy as pie.

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3. It Builds Self-Esteem

One of the most amazing feelings a person can get, is being proud of themselves and their accomplishments. Being able to check things off of a list remind us of our own inner strength and ability to rise to the occasion.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle

4. Failure Won’t Scare You as Much

On your road to success you will hit bumps. There will be people trying to drive you off the road, highway closures and a few re-routes along the way. But when you have your final destination in mind, you adjust your GPS, gas up and get back on the road. You start to look at the failures like new opportunities to visit different cities on your route, or learn about a town you never heard of before. Failure can become a lesson learned and a change in the right direction.

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.

5. The Quality of People in Your Life Grow

It’s amazing to see the talent pool of people that start to come into your life in all sorts of industries. Not just “people you know of” but people you get to know. Like-minded individuals driven and even motivating us to continue on our path. If the people you surround yourself with now, have no or even smaller goals, it’s not as motivating to really “put yourself out there.” But when you have the support of strong people taking risks it creates a whole new dynamic.

Why djs need bigger goals

Not having a goal in mind is like running up and down a soccer field kicking a ball with no where to score. You’re just “wasting time” waiting for something to happen and in no way preparing yourself for the busy schedule and life style of a person with big goals. We must create opportunities to “get that big break” and that happens with drive, persistence, your ability to adapt and grow as things happen, not by “waiting.” DJs like Hannah Wants and B.traits are often spoken of as these “break through artists” or seemingly over night success, but in these interviews you see mentioned years of work before that. Everyone starts somewhere and success often isn’t an overnight thing. Nor does it mean avoiding all scene drama. But you have less time for it, while you follow your dreams, bouncing back more quickly.

So set your goals, create a plan, execute and go rock your passions!

Don’t believe me? Let Marie Forleo explain MORE.

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