What DJs Need to Know BEFORE Touring Overseas

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - DJ Mag Top-100 Airport Conversation

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – DJ Mag Top-100 Airport Conversation

We’ve all heard those horror stories. An artist with a prior conviction crossing the boarder without a pardon. A band traveling for a tour but one of the club owner’s didn’t get the right documents in order. Or maybe it’s a promoter in bad standing with the boarder patrol and suddenly you find yourself red flagged from working in a country you once dreamed you’d be touring. Unfortunately these situations are common among traveling artists.  So I sat down with Immigration Consultant and expert in the field, Rosanna Pancotto to get the scoop. She gave us some insider tips on how to protect yourself and a number you MUST have in your phone when traveling.  Because smooth sailing as  a traveling dj, is important in order to put that focus back into rocking those dj sets.

You can listen to the full podcast here on Pod-Bean.
 Rosanna Pancotto on Pod bean immigration consultant

1. Have the proper documents.

There are so many factors involved with getting the proper paper work in order. Depending on the type of events you are playing, how much you are making, the country and the length of your stay this may change. Sometimes even the experienced promoter may not be informed on recent changes in immigration and work visa requirements. A quick inquire can save you a bad trip.

2. Know the who, what, where, when and why.

Whenever you are traveling you should know who you are staying with, their information including address and number, or the hotel you will be at, how long you are staying and what you are doing while you are there.

3. Have a back up plan.

If you are confused about your rights, maybe you’ve become detained and are being questioned by the local boarder officers, it may be time to call the toll free number. An immigration consulted and can help work with the boarder control to get the proper information needed and get you into the country.


Need an ethical consultant with affordable rates? I highly recommend working with Rosanna. You can reach her both by email  Rosanna@Moving2canada.ca  or by phone: 1-204-296-8748

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