The Difference Between a Good DJ and a Great DJ

It might not be what you think. It might even sound unorthodox, but he main difference between a good dj and a great dj is their mindset. How you ask and why? Imagine that you in fact deal with all the same things as every other dj, but your mindset is in a place that allows you to take action, make the hard decisions and turn situations out of your control into learning experiences. What if suddenly, every bad thing that happened to you created a new opportunity, an eye opening experience? Maybe even new content? Suddenly that average dj, turns into someone with conviction and drive.

Monday of last week David Micheal founder of the put together a panel of DJs Caise Lane, Joe Pardo and myself. DJs I feel are a consistent example of people being the change they want to see within the industry. They’ve all help create opportunities for other artists to grow, learn and excel in their feild.  David’s podcast on  “I’ve Got Passion… What About Purpose?” is a fantastic example of what GREAT djs live by. Someone whom is always learning and trying out new techniques, keeping the mindset and turns any situation into an opportunity to learn.

A bad situation gone good

A few years back I played a huge music festival. The stage I was originally  to play was a 200 people space. It shut down an hour early and I had the last set. Right away my new friends came together to find and get a hold of the people in charge to figure out what was going on and how we could fix it. Promoter turned around, chatted with one of the djs and managed to get me a 30 minute slot on the 5000 people stage.

Talk about panic and over drive, but when you’ve got the right mindset and team of people around you amazing things can happen. Don’t lose hope but be prepared for the worst to you can excel when things go haywire.

New Content

When I think of albums that went to #1 on the pop charts, they were often about “break ups.” People took these awful situations and turn them into moody, deep and soulful tunes. For me, the content on my website, videos and even motivation talks come from situations that were not always “fun “to deal with. Instead of those 4 hour facebook rants, turn a crappy situation into a new tune, funny video or drive to record a mix or meaning song lyrics for your next tune.

Learning experience

The moment we feel we have nothing more to learn, is the moment we get stuck. There is no such thing as over preparing and that’s what you learn each time you run into situations you thought you planned for. Earlier this year I went to an event where one of the CDJs were not reading my cds. Thankfully my new friend and dj, Milo of The Red Line stepped in and was able to do a tag set so that I could still play.

The Red Line with Kilma, Milo and Dj cheapseats interview and mix

New friendships / Business Relationships

Milo’s kindness and quick  act saving my dj gig created interest in what he was about and doing. Within a month we’d collaborated  on one another’s projects and have a future project in cross promotion of our radio shows: The Red Line vs. The Basement Sessions May.23, 2015. It just goes to show that getting involved and helping someone in need when the stress is high can make a huge impact.

But how about you, what’s your story? How do you keep the mindset that works for you and create opportunities for yourself?

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