3 Must Do Tricks in Finding More Time For Your DJ Career.

Are there not enough hours in the day? Do you simply want to get home and just “veg out” after a long day of work? Getting of out of our every daily routines can feel like a daunting task. We are good for a couple of days and then it all seems to go to shiiiiiiz.  But why? Is it’s all about the baby steps? Well, it is said that is take 21 days of repeated behavior to become habit. So I came up with a few small but easy things you can do to find more time in your day BEFORE you get home from work. And before you know it, these things will become second nature.

djs need More time

Have a book in your bag.

Whether it’s about learning how to negotiate, communication or marketing strategies always have a book in your bag. You might be on a long bus ride, waiting in a long line at the grocery store or at the doctor’s office. It gives you an opportunity to learn something new in a time span you might not have battery life or reception on your phone.

Have a “watch list” on youtube.

Just like your book, have the “International Music Summit” or other educational videos running in the background while you clean your house, do your makeup or are getting ready for work. There are so many fantastic business oriented, successful artists talking about how industry people find their talent, book their artists and make their next business moves. It’s a great way to get your head in the game while you actively get yourself ready for the next “to-do” in your day to day.

Always have a note pad and pen.

Get yourself offline from distractions and on a piece of paper with a pen. Read something in that book you dig, hear something on a IMS that struck a cord? Write it down. Posted notes are great for reminding you about something you’d like to do later.

But how does this give me more time?

What it does, is get you to USE the time we often waste. It also gets your head spinning with ideas that makes it really exciting and easy for you to make different decisions with the knowledge you learn. Instead of coming home and watching Netflix for 3 hours you’re more interested in testing out the things you’ve just learned about. It gets the creative juices flowing and slowly breaks the habits you have now. Try it, let us know your results!

Maybe you’ve tried various techniques before to break these habits. What were your results? What worked, what didn’t?

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