Contracts, how important are they for djs and promoters?

A friend recently mentioned a situation where she’d be royally screwed out of a large sum of money. She invested with a company she felt was reputable and they took her for a ride. When she finally figured out what was going on, the damage had been done. What started as a friendship, a business opportunity turned into a whole lot of wasted time, money and energy. But she did something that many djs don’t always do. She made a big change in the way she did business. She didn’t leave her icky situation to keep her stuck and jaded, but a smarter business owner. And to her surprise her NEW business venture meant the only people she worked with moving forward would be the best clients to work with. Here is a short list of reasons WHY djs and promoters alike need contracts and this one you can’t eat… Why djs need contracts

It holds people accountable

Without risk, there is no gain. If someone knows their actions can cause a loss in pay cheque or even a lawsuit, you bet they are going to take their job more seriously.

It says I mean business

Nothing tells your potential clients, “I’m a professional” quite like, “Let me send you the contract for review.” It lets them know you take your business seriously and you will NOT be taken advantage of.

Note: Don’t forget the fine details. Insure you are CLEAR about your duties and the responsibilities of the client. The customer is NOT always right and you do not want to leave any room for error.

Why djs need contracts

It keeps things friendly

Even if it’s your friend from out of town booking you, knowing there is a little piece of paper that says you are both going to do your job really helps keep people on point. Mixing business and pleasure is not easy but a written agreement can help.

Peace of mind

You know that sickening feeling in your stomach like, “What if things don’t work out and this person gets really unprofessional and puts me down and shares all my industry secrets I worked so hard for?” It protects both parties. You can put those feeling aside after you both sign at the dotted line.

Why djs need contracts

The Reward

If heaven forbid someone breaches your contract, there are often finical rewards for the person that was wronged and that little piece of paper will make it a lot easier to deal with when stepping into court.

I was you! I thought “this all seem quite intimidating.” Heck even that potential clients might get scared and turn the other way around, but when you’ve been in the business long enough you start to see far many more benefits to protecting yourself. Everyone is nice when they want something, but don’t forget how ugly things can get very quickly when money is involved. Cover your bases and keep yourself in the clear.

Have you ever gotten yourself into a sticky situation? How did you get out of it? What lessons did you learn? How could a contract change the dynamic of your future experiences.

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