An open letter to Ian Mackenzie re: DJ Rhiannon’s portrayal in the teaser for Amplify Her

This is why we need feminism. Please read for your fellow sisters.

My Vagina Weighs a Ton

My name is Maren Hancock, aka DJ Betti Forde, and I’m a PhD candidate in Gender Studies at York University and a professional DJ for over fifteen years now. I’m currently in the midst of writing a dissertation on the subject of female DJs in Canada. My data includes a survey I conducted which was completed by one hundred and twenty female DJs in Canada, as well as in-depth, personal interviews with twenty-five female DJs in Canada. To say that the topic of female DJs in Canada is one that I’m interested and invested in would be a vast understatement. Also, for the sake of full disclosure, to say that Rhiannon Rozier, aka DJ Rhiannon, is one of my closest and bestest friends would not be a vast overstatement.

DJ Rhiannon, her sister Amy Rozier aka DJ Veronica, and I are deeply concerned with DJ Rhiannon’s portrayal in the teaser…

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