3 Reasons No One Is Listening to Your Music.

There are polar opposite arguments I repeatedly hear about why people do or don’t get their music heard.  “It’s so easy to get noticed with the age of the internet.” Followed by, “It’s difficult to stand apart when everyone is advertising their art form online.” So which is it then? Or is there more to the story? Assuming your content is freaking amazing and of course people would love to hear it, I came up with the 3 reasons no one is listening to your music. So let’s embrace change so you can get those well deserved and returning followers.

No one can find YOU!

I tell this a lot to my clients! People tend to have a really hard time with social media whether it’s how they view it or a lack of understanding. I hear you! People like myself do loads of research and A + B testing all the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It probably sounds like a lot of work… But here is the thing; you’re on the internet RIGHT NOW. You’re reading this! Why? Because this information is important to YOU. Just like YOUR music is important to someone else and they aren’t going to find it if you don’t make it accessible. Whether that means available for streaming, download or an update about a new podcast that’s out and what’s on it.

“But Kilma…. I’m already on Reverbnation”
I understand that and I’m happy for you. But music listeners are also on mixcloud, soundcloud and Bandcamp with professional art work and clean profiles to navigate through. Have you stepped up your game?

Your advertising stinks!

Whether it’s non-existent or just comes off un-engaging I can smell it from here! Randomly posting your mixes in every music forum, tagging 46 of your friends and sharing it in music groups with 2-3 views per post, doesn’t work. You need to find creative ways to share your music. ie. remix contest, cool album art work, or simply getting feedback. If you are genuine and people see that, often they will gladly share your mix if you get their thoughts first.

You spend more time making your music, than sharing it.

I get it. You worked really hard creating and tailoring your product to be this amazing mind blowing experience. But having a great product is not where the work ends. Brands need to spend more time getting their product / service out there. That doesn’t mean LESS time goes into perfecting the craft, but MORE time spent getting that “thing” out there. Whether you out source that work to someone like myself, do your own research and run it on your own and even use programs like  these to help manage and track your profiles:

If you’re missing out on tapping into a market interested in your music because YOU don’t want to take the time to get it out there, you’re going to get stuck. If you aren’t going to do it, HIRE someone awesome!

The exception vs. the rule

“But Kilma, I know a guy and he gets all the listens…”
He is the exception to the rule, maybe. And that’s a long stretch of a maybe. Over night successes are often 10 years in the making and just because you don’t see the work someone puts in behind the scenes, in no way means they haven’t put in a lot of time to get those “listens.”

Everyone has 24 hours in a day and everyone is busy, but we all choose how to use our time.

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Have you used any of these techniques? What has or hasn’t work? What’s your go-to trick for more authentic listeners?


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