4 Pet Peeves of Every Business Professional – This is Why They Aren’t Taking You Seriously

Look, I get it! It’s a busy life as a entertainer and business owner. Sometimes you send out an email with a couple spelling errors, or you response to a text and your auto correct leaves some embarrassing mistakes. Maybe that email you sent went out to the wrong  person…. the one you were complaining about to your agency. We all make mistakes! But some mistakes can cost you both professionally and financially. These are the 4 pet peeves I hear business professionals complain about. The things that tell them it ain’t worth taking time out of their busy day to respond.

4 things to avoid as a business professional

1. being completely un-organized

As a person that tends to “fly by the seat of my pants…” being organized was NOT an easy habit for me to get into. But I learned very quickly just how unprofessional one might look when they are sending their content out to people, if not first well thought out. Press-kits are a GREAT example of how quickly someone judges just how organized you are. Is yours clean, easy to navigate through? Or is it just a mess of folders and broken links with no descriptions?

2.Sending too many emails

If you are sending me 5 emails a day and I haven’t responded to the first one yet, it is because you’re using your email as if your texting your friends rather than using it as a business account. It’s difficult to take a business seriously when you’ve got 50+ emails to go through and no idea what information is where.

3. talking too much

Don’t take 5 paragraphs to explain what you could say in 3 sentences. This is NOT a face to face conversation with your friends. Give yourself plenty of time to articulate what you need and simplify it. Some people have no filter and end up bombarding business owners without meaning to. This is your chance to show your best business persona.

4. Being un-reliable.

The best predictor or future behavior is past behavior. If you have a track record of canceling appointments or showing up late, business owners expect this is the norm with you. Do you often have a million excuses as to why you haven’t finished a job? You may not be ready to be an entrepreneur just yet. Even if you absolutely hate your current job and are looking to move into the personal business side of things, you need to practice the entrepreneur life style. If you can do this for a job you dislike, it’ll make it easier moving forward in your business endeavors.

Sometimes we’ve gotta make mistakes in order to learn the valuable lesson. Other times we get to learn from other’s mistakes first. Take your time and execute your plan with purpose in a professional manner and you’ll will see a huge difference in how people view your passion.

Do you want to learn more about Purpose?  Check out the Passionate DJ Podcast with David Micheal and The Dreamers Podcast with Joe Pardo where I guest speak about my experience.

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2 thoughts on “4 Pet Peeves of Every Business Professional – This is Why They Aren’t Taking You Seriously

  1. DontKilmaVibe says:

    Well thank you Joe! It was so cool hearing about our similarity in life goals as children. In some way you can say we are in line with those goals even with these other passions.

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