3 Reasons It Is Lame To Be A Music Snob

Embarrassingly myself included, many of us have been guilty of it at some point or another. Maybe it was correcting someone in a not so tactful way when sharing the correct origins of a genre of music. Maybe it was a loud snicker at their taste in music. Hell you may have right out decide you didn’t want to be their friend once learning they were a hardcore Scooter fan. You were a music snob and while you may have felt entitled with your actions you did more harm then good. Here are the 3 reasons it’s totally lame to be a music snob and some ideas to get your points across without being a braggart.

Give your dj career a workout

1. You lose your credibility

In some ways people may look up to your opinion but share yours in a snobby way and you risk losing your credibility to people that have a calmer approach.  Offering a different view is better than the dictation.

2. No one likes a know-it-all

You might think you sound incredibly intelligent and heck, maybe you really know what you are talking about. But after a while of “correcting” people, it starts to feel like unsolicited advice. A big turn off. Try listening and asking questions until there is a good time to add a little information about the music you know and love. The information will be better received.

3. It’s simply boring for some people.

Some people LOVE talking about music. Others really just want to hear it! I’m a dj and I get incredibility SICK of hearing people TALK about it all of the time. There is a time and a place and heck even people that WANT to talk about that stuff. But there are times listening to the music is far more important then having every opinion on the subject heard.

Giving your DJ Career a workout

But Kilma, I’m just so passionate about it!

I hear you! I love talking about branding, creative marketing and networking but I KNOW it’s not fun for everyone to hear about. I also know it’s not something even people that are interested in it, actually want to hear about all of the time. Create a space where people can find the information and they’ll find  their way. Push it in there face all of the time, and you’ll lose their interest. If it’s your passion, find the online forum, groups and meet up in your scene to chat about music.

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