One of the Biggest Mistakes Among DJs – Are You Making It?

Sometimes we must make mistakes in order to learn the lesson. But if we don’t ever learn the lesson in that mistake, we get stuck. We do the same things over and over again wondering, “Why am I going no where?” Or even backwards. It’s hands down, one of the biggest mistakes djs make on both the technical side and in business.

The biggest mistake djs make

They keep doing what does NOT work

  • Maybe they refuse to change. They think, “this is what I was taught. This is how I am support to do it.”
  • They wont adjust their views maybe  because they are stubborn or trying to match the views of those they respect. Even if those views are holding them back.
  • They get stuck in a mindset that isn’t working for them. Maybe they are thinking negatively and it’s making them look at situation in all the wrong ways. Or they can’t get their head around the idea that they are worth it.
  • They think there is only one way to do something, when they are many. This could also apply to production and djing. The possibles really are endless.

Solution – When what you are doing isn’t working, it’s time to switch things up.

  • Maybe you’re not a very organized person and because of that you end up looking unprofessional when people ask for information on you. ie press-kits, clean website, updated events list. Uncluttered your mind by getting organized, it will help you gain confidence and show others, “you’ve got this.”
  • It can be difficult to change your mindset. It’s not a switch you can turn on or off, but something more gradual we need to ease into. You can speed up the process by changing your surroundings (office space home.) Doing things slight different (your drive to work) listening to different music and hanging out with new people that have the sort of positive mindset you are looking to have yourself.
  • Be open to learn. People that feel there is only one ways of doing something need help expanding their mind to knew ideas. This can be done by simply learning new information. Whether it’s reading a book on the subject matter, watching T.E.D Talks on youtube or even finding experts in your field to hear their thoughts and ideas. The knee jerk reaction may be to prove the theory wrong, so try this…
  • Apply these new ideas to your life. Just try them. Switch up the way your mix, play new music. You don’t have to change everything about what you do in your life around, but trying new things helps give us different perspectives and that can spark a lot of great new ideas for people feeling stuck.The biggest mistake djs make
    Ending thoughts:
    Try to be patience with yourself through this process. When you throw yourself into situations where people are more easy going, inspiring and positive, you’ll notice going back to the  old ways that don’t work; start to feel draining. Even the mistakes you make you start to view as learning experiences you come to appreciate, rather than failures. You’ll start to crave that positive energy and the old mindset will feel like a past bad relationship. Stick with it, you got this!

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