How Selling My Drum and Bass Records Made Me a Better DJ

10 years ago today if you told me I’d be saying good-bye to most of my old jungle records, our friendship may have ended too. I’d be in complete denial that it could ever happen. Yet here I am today saying; it’s one of the best things I ever did for myself and this why.

How Selling My Drum and Bass Records Made Me a Better DJ

My Old Drum and Bass Collection

It Made Me Take a Step Back

Relationships are so exciting in the beginning. That is exactly what drum and bass was for me. A new boyfriend, someone exciting to travel with, learn, make mistakes and grow. As time went on it started to feel like I was forcing this relationships with jungle music. It wasn’t until I stepped away from that music to take a look at other genres, did I realize my tastes had changed.

It allowed me to change.

Professional Press Photos

Photos by: Aaron Kostiuk

While my passion in DNB was fading, I started dabbling into other genres of music to spice things up. Before you knew it, I was playing dj sets filled with electro, fidget, trap and moobaton. I was of course enjoying this music, but I felt like I was being pulled in every direction musically. I knew I had to make a decision. I needed to really give myself a chance to look at my relationship with music, and figure out which direction I was going as both an artist and a brand.

It opened up new opportunities.

In order to move forward we must make room in our life for the things that make us happy and that is what I did. I made a conscious decision moving forward that I would match my brand image and marketing, along with the way I do business. It gave me a whole new appreciation for music and the business industry.

It allowed me a new beginning.


I could start fresh. New impressions, new image and a new way of doing things. With the knowledge I learned throughout the years, paired with the constant wonderful content coming out for DJs, it allowed me to not only start fresh, but have a real advantage that I didn’t have when I first started in the industry.

Source: Refe

Source: Refe

So, why the record sale?

Is the greater sin to sell that old vinyl, or to never let it be played again? This way another artist could enjoy playing and sharing it with a crowd of jungle enthuses. And in some sense, it was liberating. It was a way to let go of a special part in my life that taught me a lot, but no longer needed a physical memory of. You know, like hanging onto a picture of your ex. Just let that stuff go, and move on!

What career or life changing things did you do for yourself to move forward from a sticky situation? Maybe one that may have made you feel “stuck” somewhere you didn’t want to be anymore?

Soft Open This Friday!

Soft Open This Friday!


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