3 Reasons Artists Need to Invest in Themselves First

As an artist you’ve likely felt at some point you weren’t being acknowledged for your efforts, leaving you feeling under valued in your niche. This may have happened over time and now you do not understand why or how it came to be. So often we want to help others in our community and forget to take a step back to see how that may not actually be benefiting our brand in the long run.This is the point in which I would tell a client, “It’s time to refocus in on your personal goals and start investing in yourself first. ” These are the 3 reasons why you need to come first so you can be a better partner and team member.

1. To Attract Your Tribe

 Dj Investing in yourself FIRST

Instead of working alongside people that may not understand their self-worth,  you start to see the value in working with others that believe in you as much as you believe in them. They motivate you and you to them. You grow and learn off one another whiling building stronger more reputable relationships.

2. To Show Your Self-Worth

 Dj Investing in yourself FIRST

If you don’t have it, no one else is going to see it in you. Not a label, club owner or your fans. This is especially relevant when we look at landing quality gigs. When we accept wages fare below our worth, we indirectly tell people we don’t value our time. Therefor they don’t either. This is far less likely to happen, when you consistently invest in your brand. You understand your worth and put yourself in mutually beneficial partnerships.

3. To  Avoid or leave a Bad Situation
Dj investing in themselves first.

Investing in ones brand, is not just spending money on a nice website, but taking the time to learn about the business aspect. If you are negotiating wages, it’s important you learn how to properly negotiate. You want to appeal to businesses that trust your vision because you walk into the conversation with a plan, you heavily researched. You will need to be bold and put yourself in uncomfortable situations sometimes.  Investing time in educating yourself FIRST will help you feel more confident in the tough situations, avoid future mistakes or even help make the decision to walk away from venture that simply isn’t working out anymore.

Side note: Many djs (even the ones that have been around for some time) have  no idea what industry standards are let alone equipment requirements that a club should already have. Time and time again, you have lovely, talented artists being taken advantage, bending over backwards for promoters and club owners, simply because they didn’t take the time to learn and were taken advantage for their kindness.

Investing in one’s brand is a lot like investing in your health. If you regular go the gym you know your efforts are wasted if you don’t eat the proper foods to help gain muscle mass or loss weight. In personal brands, you are much less likely to get involved in business ventures that may actually bring the quality of your brand’s image down. Because for you, you vision is clear. You know what’s important and you KNOW what your worth because YOU invested in yourself first.

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