STOP Trying To Get Bookings From These 5 People


You’re a hardworking, talented artist. You’ve got the skill set, experience and continue to step up your game in the industry offering quality, original music. You’ve set yourself a part and shown your worth, but you keep making the same mistake. You offer your services to the wrong type of people and instead of finding yourself in mutually beneficial relationships, they are one sided or silent all together. I’m about to explain the 5 types of people you need to STOP trying to get bookings from, so you can focus on the right ones.

1. They Don’t Want to Pay

Sometimes we are given offers so pathetic, they might as well had just insulted us. Yet we watch many of our talented friends take that same low pay for the ability to play. Unfortunately this teaches the coordinator/promoter, “I do not value myself, therefor you should not value me.”

2. They Don’t Bother Giving You Feedback

Sometimes someone’s music is not the right fit. That’s okay! Maybe the artist doesn’t quite have the skills yet. But in the cases where you watch people at your skill level and style being booked and the person in charge of bookings can never explain why they don’t see you as a fit, it might be personal. Not in the sense that you’ve done something wrong, but that in some way they feel intimated by you. Or if there was something about your branding that didn’t work. Instead of letting you know so that you can make a positive change, they stayed quite on the matter.

3. They Give You the Runaround

Their excuses not to book you don’t add up. You followed the proper protocol in order to gain the booking, ie. a submission process. You’re over qualified compared to many of the other artists booked, but they never seem to have room for you. Unless you’ve got an extremely bad attitude that they don’t want anywhere near their brand or their headliner doesn’t want to be shown up… you’re again wasting your time. They don’t want to book you and that’s their choice. No need in wasting more time trying to convince them otherwise.

4. They Don’t Listen to Feedback

Fans repeatedly tell them they should book a certain act that is great but they keep booking their friends. You’re literally wasting your time and energy on people that have no interest stepping out of their comfort zone and trying someone new. This is a case when you really need to let them come to you when they are ready, if they ever are. This is the time to refocus in on yourself and your brand.

5. They Are Not Professional On Or Offline

If you’ve seen the promoter go on a rampage insulting patrons or other artists they’ve booked, heck even another promoter… run, don’t walk. It is only a matter of time before you become the next victim on a bad day. And your brand is so totally awesome, you don’t need that kind of drama.

Side Note: No answer, is an answer.

While it may be completely frustrating and feel totally unfair, it really doesn’t matter. I know, it seem like it sucks but there are so many more amazing, awesome people that dig what you are doing. To waste your time trying to impression those that have no interest in what you do, will only continue the frustration. Refocus that energy into your passion. Step up your game with a media-kit, maybe even hire someone to help you gain those bookings. Don’t get wrapped up in people that have no interested in being wrapped up with you.

Originally published on Decoded Magazine.