The Ultimate DJ Planner

Every time a potential new client approaches me, I set them up with my dj planning guide. It starts off with a series of questions and even a simple budget and expense  yearly calendar. It’s meant to help them visual their goals and start creating a schedule that sets them towards those dreams.“Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” It’s important to know how extensive the process can be when running ones own business. Very quickly my clients are able to decide if they are ready to make the next business move. Or if they simply aren’t ready for the challenges ahead. And that’s okay! It’s not meant to discourage someone from following their dreams, but to ask the hard questions, to really get ready to put all in to their passion. Sometimes we are not in a place in our life where we are ready to take the big risks. Being able to recognize that is just as important as being fully ready to take them on. Here you can download the complete guide, starting from the basics:

Visualize your dreamscreating Your Vision

First thing I talk about with my clients is setting big goals. With my help we create very clear and descriptive dreams. This vision is both detailed and later researched. Around this goal we create an action plan and time line. From there we can work together on creating a daily breaking down of that plan. This process for my clients help make it very clear as to why they first must know where they are headed.
(Download the vision questionnaire)

CreaTING YOU Profit Goal

Budgeting for your dj careerAsk yourself, “How much money would I need to make to live comfortably?” Maybe you’d like to live an over the top life style. Knowing that dollar amount  will help you gauge your progress. For example, if your yearly goal is to make a profit of $30,000 but half way through the year you’re only at 20% of your goal, it’s  time to go over your plan and see where you need to change the way you run your businesses.
(Download 2016 Profit Goal Planner)

Budgeting for Expenses & Write-offs

Budgeting for your dj careerFrom licensing, to equipment, you must know what you can afford to spend so you don’t go over your budget nor lose any funds due to non-profitable purchases. This is also the perfect time to watch for what write offs your business may gain from. You may want to outsource work and invest in online advertisements.

Quick Tip: For receipt keeping, take a photo copy or phone snap shot incase of water damage, fire or simply loosing paper work. It will save you in the long run!
(Download 2016 Budget – Expenses Sheet)

Creating Contacts

networking for your dj career contact sheetNetworking is a crucial part of finding more jobs and connecting the right people together. Whether that is a journalist, promoter or another producer you may want to work with. Your contact sheet is made up of important industry people including their information from social media to phone, email and even their current job description & location. These are people you’ve had ACTUAL contact/conversations with. Not just found their info online… (Say hello and start up those conversations!)
(Download the contacts sheet)

start using Google Docs

djs using google docs to stay organizedOnce you set up your gmail account and start using Google Docs you’ll be just like the rest of us. Wondering how the hell it took you this long to start using them?! It’s like Dropbox… but better. Well at least those of us that use it feel so. You can upload and create new folders, sheets, slides and forms. You can also share different folders or documents with clients by inviting them via email. If you are running on a very different schedule from other industry professionals due to what part of the world you live, this is the perfect spot to keep up to date and even seen when they last edited or added a document. Did we mentioned there is also an app for your phone? Upload your dj planning guide to your Google Docs, and store all of your information in one spot, for easily access and organization.

We want to inspire you to get out of that bedroom studio and into the real world. It’s okay to make a profit from your passion, but it’s also important to plan to create that cash floor! Using guides like these can help you track your process and hold you accountable for you actions. Do you need a helpful push in the right direction? Maybe you are feeling stuck and see the value in out sourcing or seeking help from other business professionals. Hit me up!

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