9 Ways to Give Your DJ Career a Proper Workout

Just before the beginning of a new year people are gearing up with their resolutions.. Many gravitate towards health, happiness and success. Maybe they decide they want to get back in the gym, start eating healthy and do big things in their career. Like the gym in order for your dj career to get the proper work out, there are some things you’ll want to consider before hitting the ground running. We’ve got some tips on how to help you in the new year.


1. set goals

Are you trying to loose weight, gain muscle or maybe you want to build your strength. It’s the same for the dj world, if you don’t know what you’re aiming for you end up running on a treadmill once a week for a month and you’re wondering why you’re not losing any weight. Be in control of where you want to go.

Giving your DJ Career a workout

2. Do your homework

Maybe you’re doing it wrong. Your form is off which is causing pain and a loss of momentum. In the dj world you might have all your focus online but no real content to reel people in. Do you know what your audience wants, who they are and where they hang out?

Giving your DJ Career a workout

3. Focus On Yourself

It’s easy to get distracted looking around at what everyone else is doing but there will always be someone who is more experienced then you or needs more practice. The most important person for you to focus on is yourself, your form, your knowledge and to track your progress. Are you looking at what you are spending vs. making? Have you taken a new production class or picked up a book on authentic marketing? Instead of pointing out what others aren’t doing properly, refocus on your passion and inspire others by simply being that change.

Giving your DJ Career a workout

4. Be Cautious, Don’t take on Too much before you’re ready

Like lifting too much weight if you take on more then you ready for, you can burn yourself out or even set yourself back a few weeks / months due to injury. Some artists in all of their excitement think, “I’ll make a tune everyday.” Then drop money they haven’t budgeted for on new equipment. Or decide they want to own a label and take on many legal expenses before developing a brand image. Make sure you’ve done your research and create a plan and know what you can handle before you take on the big stuff.

Giving your DJ Career a workout

5. recognize when you’ve hit your plateau

Having trouble making gains lately? This is likely your cue to switch things up.  Without an increase of knowledge, tasks or even bigger goals you can find your career in a lull. You wonder why you aren’t getting “notice” but haven’t done anything outside your regular work-out. Maybe you’re focused on small local club gigs because they are comfortable, instead of branching out to bigger events or out of town ventures. This is the time to strive for more.

Giving your DJ Career a workout

6. hit it from every angle

If you lift but you never stretch after the work out, you end up walking around like the hulk with no range of motion.  If you do cardio but you eat poorly, your work out leave you feeling exhausted. This could be you in the studio. Your heads been focused on production but you haven’t spent time on sending your tunes to the right labels and radio shows. Making the content is a fraction of the work.

Giving your DJ Career a workout

8. Have a DESIGNATED space

Having a gym membership is like having a personal studio. Whether in your home or in a rental space, it’s important to have a safe haven to retreat to your music and keep you focused on your goals. (That may mean turning off your mobile / internet to focus.)

Give your dj career a workout

9. Stop Making Excuses

Whether you believe it or not, you have the time. You are choosing how you spend it, you are choosing what to put in your body and you are choosing what people you hang around. If your crew is hold you back, it’s time to branch out. If you find you are unmotivated change you space. If you feel you don’t have enough time, manage it better, wake up earlier and focus on what’s most important.

Entering into a new space can be intimidating and even humbling. You might start off excited or even have a bit of an ego going in. Often quickly you realize “Oh shit, I don’t know how to use any of this…” or 6 months down the line you are told you were actually train wrecking the whole time. But when we are open to learn and take that extra bit of time to educate ourself, suddenly we start to work that much more efficiently. Here hoping your 2016 is a groundbreaking one.

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