5 Ways DJs Can Have An Excuse Free Year

Setting goals is easy, creating your plan of action takes a bit of work and research. Then there is actually executing that plan and suddenly you may find yourself putting that off too. It’s the follow through that shows just how serious you are about what you are aiming for. Unfortunately like many it’s something thing that can take a bit of practice before it becomes habit. So we came up with 4 ways to have an excuse free 2016 that sets you on the road towards your dreams.

5 Ways DJs Can Have An Excuse Free 2016

1. Be Honest

Take responsibility for your actions. If you are cancelling plans with a friend, late on an assignment or simply didn’t finish what you set out to do, don’t put it on others. Being honest is the first part in not making excuses. It also allows you to take a look at what you are doing and how you can become more efficient. If time is the issue, you need to make adjustments in your schedule. Maybe you don’t have a schedule, and should start!

5 Ways DJs Can Have An Excuse Free 2016

2. Gradually Adjust Your Habits

If you were to decide tomorrow, “I’m going to start at the gym, eat healthy and work harder,” when you typically watch hours of Netflix after work and your “work-out” is  dialing for take out… You may have trouble making such a HUGE change, so quickly. If you make and plan for more gradual changes, you’ll have a better chance at developing those good habits. If putting out one new track a month is a bit much, aim for every 3 months. If you typically work on your online presences once a month and feel it’s lacking, try once a week.

5 Ways DJs Can Have An Excuse Free 2016

3. Break It Down

Need to design a plan of action on what you’d like to accomplish?  If you haven’t already grabbed the free copy of the 2016 planner you can read and grabbed it here. (Of course once you’re done reading this article.) Break down those big goals into small tasks you can accomplish each day. We go into more detail in our article here. Suddenly those excuses about not being able to get “noticed” by that huge label, becomes a question of “What is my plan to get noticed?”

5 Ways DJs Can Have An Excuse Free 2016

4. Follow Through

The best predictor of future behaviour is present behaviour. First off, don’t cancel plans and secondly, don’t make plans with people that cancel or reschedule more then twice. If YOU typically cancel plans, it could mean you are:

1. Not truly interested in the plans you are making.
2. Committing to too many things OR…
3. You are lazy.

Assuming it’s the first two, like in #2 – Gradually Adjust Your Habits, only making plans with or committing to things that are most important to you including reasonable time lines will help you to follow through 99% of the time.

5 Ways DJs Can Have An Excuse Free 2016

5. Surrounding Yourself With DOERS

If the people around you don’t have a strong work ethic it’s real easy to think you’re doing enough, when you could be doing more. When you have ambitious people around you, it does wonderful things to us. Motivates us to do more, be more and have more.

Exception vs. the rule:
Life happens. We get sick, life events out of our control happen and people unfortunately die. We can’t predict these things and in some cases, we must get those parts of our life in order before we are able to fully follow our passion. Understanding the different between things out of our control vs. excuses is important. But it also means taking responsibility for what we can control. Like taking care of our bodies, our mental health and our responsibilities.

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