6 Non-Music Ideas For Your DJ Page… And Why You Need Them

Kilma Digital Dj Tips feature

If the only thing on your DJ page is your music, you’re missing a trick, and I’m willing to bet it isn’t performing for you. Whether it’s your own website, your Facebook Page, or a bio page on a third-party site, if you want your DJ page to achieve its aim (listens, gigs, likes, replies) you’re going to have to try harder than that.

Could you imagine if you watched a commercial that sold a product by saying, “You should buy this. Have you bought this yet? Buy it now!” Or maybe even a date where they keep saying, “Wanna date? We should date! Are we dating yet?”

What we really want is to be sold an experience, an idea or a feeling. And the best way to do it, is sometimes to not even mention the product we are selling. It can be a tricky part to marketing. It’s not about a quick cash grab, but keeping your prospects around and committed. Sometimes the best way to do that is shifting the focus… and here is how.

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