4 Reasons You Should NEVER Give A Quote Before Gaining Full Details Of A Dj Gig

Sometimes clients will inquire about your rates because they are looking for a deal. Other times they may just be gauging how much you know about your industry and what you have to offer. In any case there are 4 major reasons you’ll want to get the details of a dj gig BEFORE you state a quote. Let’s jump right into it.

1.It is Unprofessional!!!

4 Reasons You Never State a Quote Before You Get the Details of a DJ Gig $$$

A sure way to say, “I have no idea what I am doing.” Is to agree to do a job before you know the full details. For example, you may have just accepted a gig that is not your typically realm of music and you’re already locked in. Along the way you do your best to adapt but know you’re unable to give the best services because honestly, you’ve never hosted a bar mitzvah and have no clue about the traditions or what music is appropriate… On a side note, it may actually deter a client that wonders why you have a flat rate in an industry where parties can different in cost and size.

2. You Can’t Set a Fair Fee Without Em’

4 Reasons You Never State a Quote Before You Get the Details of a DJ Gig $$$

It’s not about giving people a deal, it’s about charging your worth and offer the services best suited for that particular event. In a previous article I talked about the importance of having your own “fee calculator” where you can charge a rate based on your hourly worth, not just for the live show experience but the prep leading up to it. Check out our dj fee calculator here for a more detailed report.


3. To Ensure It is An Event You Believe In

4 Reasons You Never State a Quote Before You Get the Details of a DJ Gig $$$

I can just see it now. An excited dj accepting an event for a dollar amount far below the work ahead. Maybe their client is extremely controlling and has far more work planned for them. On the flip side maybe it’s a one off EDM event where the fees are to be split among the djs, however there aren’t clear details on where the expenses have gone and people walk away with far less then hoped.

Side Note: Transparency in any fundraising and non-profit events are incredibility important in the case where you’re donating a dj set towards a cause or splitting a profit among other contributors. For example, if an event facilitator has agreed to split the profit between the artists, they must be transparent about expenses, including if they will be paying themselves a cut first.  In order for the artists to make an informed decision about their involvement they have a right to know those details. Where as if a promoter offers a firm but guaranteed fee regardless of the events success the full details of expenses likely isn’t a concern, as much as genre / time slot / ticket price / venue cap &  gear requirements.


4. To Add Value – It’s Your Sales Pitch Opportunity

4 Reasons You Never State a Quote Before You Get the Details of a DJ Gig $$$

If this person is “shopping around” you should know the details of their event FIRST so that you know what you can offer them. This way you can explain why these services are worth paying for (adding value.)  If your competition throws over a quote without thought, but you’ve have had a 5-10 minute conversation with a client that knows more about your brand, you’ve got the edge. Even if they went for the lower price with the “other dj” chances are they would be back for your services once seeing the value in what the other guy never offered in the first place.

4 Reasons You Never State a Quote Before You Get the Details of a DJ Gig $$$

These techniques can be used whether you are a wedding dj, club dj or even a singer. Maybe as a singer you’ve built your skills in order to MC an event. Maybe as a Wedding Dj the couple looking to book you had no idea about just how you help to facilitate with the venders at their special day, to help things go more smoothly. You may have just the right marketing experience to really get that club night going with a loyal clientele. You can be more than just a dj. You can be an experience that can only be found within your brand, but you’ll need to be able to sell your brand based on the details you acquire FIRST.

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