The Biggest Myth Many DJs Believe & Why You Shouldn’t Believe It

At some point in our career we all hear it. Heck, we might even come to the conclusion ourselves. After years of hard work seeing other people far surpass our goals with what seems like ease, it can be easy to fall into this mindset. The idea that “It’s more about who you know, rather than what you know.” That now a days, “It’s much easier for a dj to make it.” But if that is the case, why are so many struggling? Why are so many giving up? And how can we re-write this idea? How can we ensure we don’t too fall into the mindset or find a way out of it, if we are already there?

Let’s start with the facts, the reasons why you shouldn’t believe this myth.

1. Not everything is what it appears to be


Take in to consideration for a moment that what we see isn’t reality. That it is really only what we are allowed to see. Like a facebook post or a fancy photo online. Now a days people can more easily shape what they allow others to see. Because we live in a society that revolves around social media we suddenly forget that not everyone posts their every thought or problem as it happens. We also don’t hear about the pitches an artist makes to the club, the brainstorming meetings around a brand’s image and the talk of a new event theme. We don’t see the struggle of the sound and set up or last minute pull to bring in the gear that never showed up. We see the event flyer and the aftermath video of that show. You don’t hear about the fight artist and club owner had moments before the music played. Or about the hours upon hours of time spent practicing and making the music for said event.

2. Not everyone that works hard, talks about it.

not everyone that works hard, talks about it

Call it being humble or call it running a business, not every person that hustles day in and day out feels the need to talk about it. Not everyone that goes to the gym posts selfies of their progress, ofR the food that they cook for their friends and family. Some people live their lives full of drive and ambition. They live without excuses and push boundaries all while working without the need of praise to know they’ve done a job well done.

3. It’s a Justification

DJs that justify not trying - the biggest myth

This one is hard to swallow. But when we base our opinions on heresy and rumors we are allowing ourselves to think, and excuse our own failures or lack of trying. We can say, “What I am doing isn’t working, so it’s time to try something new.” Or we can say, “Because what I have done hasn’t work, I might as well give up.” People have come from struggles far worth than our own and have risen above the elements, so what our excuse really about? Are we being influenced by someone that is telling us, “I didn’t make it, so what makes you think that you can?” Are we self sabotaging? Are creating a situation where we set ourselves up for failure in order to prove others wrong, “See, I told you I’d never make it.”

Now is the time to Refocus

Look at the people around you. Take inventory of your life. Could you live better? Could you have more? Could you be more? What is REALLY stopping you?
The answer – YOU.

What can you do to turn this around today?

Invest in yourself.
Plan for your future.
Educate yourself!

Here are a few articles to set you on your way.



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