6 Reasons Business Relationships End In The DJ Biz

We’ve all been there. We worked with a friend, thinking the project would be exciting, maybe even fail proof. Why the heck not? You rock, they rock… what could go wrong? All of a sudden you start to realize issues are popping up everywhere. Confused you ask, why? How could two people that love what they do not be able to do something really great together? And how can I do different next time?

Let’s start with why business relationships sometimes fail in the dj business.

6 reasons partnerships dont work in the dj business

1. Bad Timing

Not everyone is in a place in their life when they are ready to take on a new project, music or otherwise. A loss of a loved one, job or lover can effect ones motivation and inspiration. Heck, even just being in a different spot career wise can make all the difference.

6 reasons partnerships dont work in the dj business

2. different Mindsets

It can be difficult to move past a negative mindset even with the most positive person. Intentions aside a lovely person with a downer attitude can negative effect the moral of a partnership or group experience. This is a time when the two people really need to feed off of one another’s energy and drive.

6 reasons partnerships dont work in the dj business

3. Difference of Opinion

We are always changing and how one person feels one day, might change the next. Being open minded is key, but from time to time there will be a difference of opinion and without a compromise or solution things can end quite abruptly. The details you first hammered out, may naturally change as time goes on.

6 reasons partnerships dont work in the dj business

4. Lack of communication

Miscommunication can be quite the trouble maker. Between emails, texts and facebook chats there is a lot of room for error. Without tone of voice and facial expresses we can misread someone’s intentions.


5. Lack of work-ethic

You can have a team of people with a great mindset, that are on the same page and ready to do what it takes, but if there is more talk than walk… things can take a turn for the worst. Anyone stuck doing a majority of the work will eventually feel resentful and expression of frustration may not come out in the best of ways.

6 reasons partnerships dont work in the dj business


Simply put, it may no longer make sense for two people to work together. There isn’t always a falling out when two people decided they no longer want to continue on together, but that they are simply going in different directions and that is okay!

6 reasons partnerships dont work in the dj business

1. Do the work first

Before you open up that new group fb account, do your research. Talk about the details. Figure out the collective goals, a plan and how it will be executed, including going into detail about everyone’s equal workload. You might follow this up with a simple agreement stating those details along with a non-disclosure clause that protects everyone involved. It’s a great way to figure out who is serious, moving forward. Yes, even friends should create agreements.

6 reasons partnerships dont work in the dj business

2. Create a Balance

Having a balance of face to face and phone call conversations can help clear the air, using a paper trail as a way to keep things professional and straight is too important.

6 reasons partnerships dont work in the dj business

3. Remember some things are out of your control

You can plan until you’re blue in the face, write up agreements, do your very best to communicate and still run into issues. Maybe your business partner was manipulating you from the start. They had no intention in ever doing any work and in the end tried to intimidate you to get what they want. At that point as difficult and upsetting as the situation is, you’ve got your answer. Holding on to a business venture with someone that is toxic will hold back your career in the long run. At the end of the day if your business relationship isn’t working out and you’ve exhausted all avenues you can walk away knowing you did your best with a lesson in your pocket for next time. Maybe there was something you would add to this list that would help you avoid working with someone in the future that might not have your best interest in mind.

Again, remember that sometimes people grow apart and that is not necessarily a bad thing either. Better to let go of something that is not working, then force something to work that simply never will… or at least not at that very moment. Trust yourself to do what is right for the long run! The end of a business venture doesn’t have to mean the end of a friendship or the end of every working with that person again, simply a break to do something different and come at it from a different angle in the future.