The Career Move That Changed My Little DJ Life

We look at a person we envy and think, “I wish that was me.” The touring dj, the successful producer or the big named label. We want that for ourselves. But how? How did they do it. What was the life changing move that pushed their career in the direction they envisioned? For me is was this one thing that I saw those artists repeatedly doing.



They didn’t just try and learn everything they could or plan for a brighter future, but they actually took the time to execute, daily. It’s that one thing people seem to be confused about. Like, “I have all of this information, now what?” USE IT! Try it for yourself. Does it work? Maybe it doesn’t for you and you need a different approach? Can you improve what you’ve learned? Try it!

How do you take action?


Get off you ass and do things. Do all the things. If you learned about how to approche a club owner about hiring you for an event, go talk to a few club owners. Practice your pitch in the mirror, have a mixtape on hand and walk in there. It doesn’t matter if they actually dig your idea.  (Silly as that might seem.) What matters is that you are taking action and making those moves. Putting yourself in situations that create opportunities and learning experiences so that your approach becomes better and better. But wait… you’ll also have to:

Stop thinking “failure” is a bad thing.


Failure means you tried, which means you are getting up off your ass. Right? Not trying means you’re not really putting yourself in a place to succeed, which is the true tragedy. If what you do doesn’t work, then you’ve just figured out a way  it doesn’t. Now go out there and find a way it does. And don’t forget to:

Starting measuring your success!


What did you learn from your experience, how are you different from a week ago, month ago, year ago? What were you able to accomplish in “this” period of time? Like in the gym, you should be tracking your reps and the weight you are lifting. How are you physically feeling? Are you getting enough food, can you improve your work out? It’s a great way to track your progress and remind yourself, “you’ve got this!”

With practice these actions become habit. Procrastination happens less and less and self-motivation flourishes. Now that you’ve got this information, go do something awesome for your career, then tell me what you did? Tag @KilmaMusic on twitter or Instagram or hit me up on facebook.

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