Are DJs Truly More Privileged These Days?

If you know a dj that was in the game before the turn of the century you’ve likely heard the story. About how they had to walk up hill both ways, with a bag full of records and wiggle through a crawl space to get to their crazy warehouse gig at the old spaghetti factory. You’ll likely hear about how the age of the internet has made it ‘easy’ for anyone to become a famous dj. Just buy a few thousand likes on facebook share a fancy photo shoot and you’re good to go. With easy access to bank loans and equipment what’s stopping these massive amount of djs from becoming famous if these new wave of artists apparently have it, “so easy?”

What does easy access to equipment really mean?

That there will be MORE people in your industry to compete with. Plain and simple.

Is the internet really all that helpful?

Networking – 4 Reasons You Need to Go to Shows and Special Events Outside Your Own

If you were one of the few that knew how to send an email, sure! But anyone can and it’s driving promoters and label owners bonkers! They also see right through ‘buying likes.’ 50,000 fans on a page with little engagement shows there is no real organic fan base.

Are more parties creating more opportunities?!

As becoming a dj became popular, so did what people what thought it meant to be a “promoter.” Which actually means an over saturated market with an underwhelming amount of quality shows.  The truly great parties are far and few between.

But there is good news!

All you have to do is adapt and educate yourself so that you can figure out what works in the long wrong and which techniques are just the short wins! Okay, maybe it’s not easy… and yes it’ll take a lot of work, but wouldn’t you rather that than people handing dj careers out like candy?

How can I compete with all of this COMPETITION?

Don’t try to be like everyone else! Set yourself apart. What makes you different from the rest? I go more into that idea here. But ultimately stop looking at your spot in the industry as just a “house or techno music dj” and more about the full experience someone gets from your brand. #DontKilmaVibe

how can I utilize social platforms?

In short, you can learn about each network and how it’s audience enjoys the platform best. From jokes or inspirations quotes to photos and video. “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” Is a fantastic book by Gary Vee that explains just that. If you need some bite sized information that you can use RIGHT NOW, check out Savvy Sexy Social by Amy S right on YouTube! Or you can hire people like me to run you social media. Okay, maybe that part is easy!. (If you’ve got the right brand to back it, of course!)


What about dj gigs?

Pick your events wisely! Instead of trying to get any and every show possible, search out the quality gigs. Heck, maybe you want to really set your brand a part and start actually throwing the events you play. Talk about the power of branding from the inside out! And ALWAYS charge your worth, whether it’s negotiated with a promoter or the bar owner. DJs that charge get re-book by the businesses that see the value in their service vs. being re-booked because they can be used repeatedly. Set your stands so that the business you work with must abide by the same standards.

Now go out there my little djs and get things rolling! Need help branding with a bang? Click the photo!branding with a bang with kilma

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