Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: BK Interviews Kilma

These two fantastic ladies took the time to do a feature on myself, check it all out here.

DJ Kilma Press Kit

A Music Festival Blog

You’ve wrote for, Digital DJ Tips, The Passionate DJ, Decoded, DJ Mag Canada, you’re a Radio Personality on The Basement Sessions, and a Disc Jockey / Producer known as Kilma. Did we mention Entrepreneur? Wow! What do you eat for breakfast lady?!

With that title, clearly Bailey’s with a dash of coffee. To be honest though, I hate breakfast food unless it’s bacon and donuts.

If you were given a free full-page ad in the newspaper and had to explain yourself and what you do in six words or less, how would the ad read?

Full page ad with only 6 words? Sound like only hamsters can read it! *Laughs* It would probably say…

Control of

Okay, okay… She’s creative, thought provoking and funny.

kilma2.png Photo Credit: Ryan Whiting

Tell us about your website, Brand Me Silly workshop and EPK Design offer…

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