5 Reasons More Artists and DJs Are Using Press-Kits

EPK’s aren’t just for those big headlining artists anymore. Club djs are using them to gain notice by club owners, wedding djs are using them to inform couples of the services they provide and break-through artists are using them to share their music with labels. WHY?

1. It gives them an edge.

what is a dj press kit

It’s no secret that there is some serious competition out there. If out of 5 djs you’re the only one with a professional looking press-kit, you can bet you’re already standing apart from the other artists.

2. They are Helpful for press releases

DJ Kilma, dj press-kit, dj epk, artist electronic press kit
Doing an interview? Maybe you’re releasing a new tune. Blog and magazine writers find press-kits incredibly helpful in showcasing new artists. It’s all the research put into a pretty little accessible package. Instead of going back and forth with the artist, they can find all the helpful resources in one place, making YOU easy to work with.

3. The Higher paying gigs need them!

what is a dj press kit

If you are planning to headline an event, you bet a professional & of course paying promoter is going to need your high quality photos, affiliates, links and information for flyer art and online promo.

4. It Shows your brand’s value

what is a press-kit

A press-kit doesn’t just showcase your brand’s accomplishments, but shows what sort of investment you’ve put into your brand, creating real value. From investing in a website or proper sound equipment to giving the best quality music, you are showing a potential investor that you too are giving as much as getting.

5. It’s professional!

what is a dj press kit

Having an EPK is simply the professional thing an artist can invest in. Something that reflect’s the brand, and is easy to navigate through. It says, “I may love what I do, but I still take my passion seriously! And here are examples of how and why.”

What do you need to get ahead? Here is a template to get yourself started!DJ Kilma, dj press-kit, dj epk, artist electronic press kit

Need someone to make one for you? Fill out the template and send to,  EPK@DontKilmaVibe.com! Learn more about it here or click on the picture below!

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