4 Common Mistakes DJs Make While Trying To Gain a Following

If you’re a DJ at some point someone’s told you that you need to bring out asses if you want a dj gig. Maybe that in order for them to consider you, they’d like to hear reviews from previous clients. So you think, how do I gain these fans? Do I purchase the infamous Facebook likes? Or maybe it’s a waste of time, as you feel music should speak for itself. Maybe you don’t see the value of even sticking around at the end of your DJ set to chat with people. Here are a few reasons why DJ face trouble when trying to gain fans.

1. SOME DJS think more is best

how to gain fans
It’s a common mistake to think that more likes,  follows and comments on your social pages means more popularity for an artist. But sometimes those, “likes” as stated before… are purchased. While those comments are generated by robot accounts with generic replies. “Cool.” and “Nice photo.”  Authentic engagement always trumps the number game. Why? Because like this article states, people can quickly see through it. More doesn’t mean best if the fans aren’t real people.

2. SOME DJS look in all the wrong places

how to gain fans

Maybe the artist is posting their music in the wrong forums or simply sharing to the wrong people. That could mean electronic dance music in a space that is meant for carpentry talk. Or sharing happy-hardcore music with someone that isn’t into anything over 120 BPM. Often artists find themselves frustrated because they’ve wasted their time trying to gain fans in all the wrong places. A little research saves time sharing in the wrong spaces or to the wrong people.

3. SOME DJS try to Please instead of just Being them

how to gain fans
Instead of focusing around the music they love, they play what they think people want. This leads to a life of gaining fans for something you aren’t truly passionate about just because one might “think” it’s the only way to go further in their career. Instead they find this route hollow and inauthentic. Often leading that “jaded dj” to end their career early.

4. Some Djs simply don’t try at all

how to gain fans




You might even be this person. You spend 5 hours on a mix and 2 minutes uploading it, without ever bothering to make some funky art work or get it out into the world. How is anyone going to find your awesome music if you’re not putting it out there? Sometimes people think the fans should just show up because the music is so great, but they forget how important that personal touch really is. How people need to create their own opportunities.

So what can you do?

Here are some ways you can stand out as a brand here.
Here are 6 non-music related ways you can gain a following.

And why it’s important  to invest in yourself first.

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