If You Think DJ Gigs Define You As An Artist, Read This!

Some people look at djs gig as if it’s the be all end all of being “accepted.” They think, “If I’m being booked, I must be doing something right.” But some people have what it takes and they still don’t see the type of gigs their peers have, then what? There is the other side, and I’m about to get real honest with you. Because no matter how talent you think you are or how much you think you deserve a job; you need to hear this.

1. No one owes you a damn thing.

If you think dj gigs define you, read this.

Throwing a party is not “easy.”If you think it is, you’re probably not throwing a very good one. If you’ve ever struggle to put on a great night, you know the time, energy and dedication it takes. And typically you ain’t letting just ANYONE play your event. (That or you learn along the way who you’ll stay away from moving forward.) If someone is not choosing you regardless of their reasons, it’s up to them.

2. Most promoters that are djs, don’t book competition.

If you think dj gigs define you, read this.

Plain and simple. If they think you’ll steal the show and they are insecure about their abilities you will not and I repeat WILL NOT be getting a booking with them, ever.

3. DJ gigs do not DEFINE you as an artist.

If you think dj gigs define you, read this.

I’ve been djing for 10 plus years and to this day there are local promoters that have never and likely will never book me. That used to frustrate the living hell out of me. I though, “Maybe if I get out a release on a good label, have music videos, even some mixes out on notable radio shows or podcast, an interview in a highly respect magazine, they might just give me that chance. Since after all many of their artists may not have had those experiences.” NOPE. Don’t even think for one second that means people within your home town will appreciate your efforts. Nor do they have the responsibilities to showcase them.

4. If you’re chasing “ACCEPTANCE” you’ll never catch it.

If you think dj gigs define you, read this.

Seriously. Get it out of your head that other people accepting you means you are some how “worth” all the work you’ve done up until now. Is what you’ve done an important part of your career? Of course. You learned through those experiences, you may have even helped others along the way. But if you can’t be okay with what you’ve put out there then the moment you receive that lule in gigs, you stop appreciating and enjoying what you’ve worked so hard for. And yet again, you’ll find yourself unhappy.

5. Your Vibe Will Attract Your Tribe.

If you think dj gigs define you, read this.

If you truly want the djs gigs worth your time, energy and effort you’ll too have to find the groove of being okay with who you are and what you offer while continuing to learn and grow. Meaning much of the same mindset people around you. This naturally brings in people that are down with what you’ve got going on. It may not be huge locally at first but it can be strong globally.

We can play the victim when we don’t get that dj gig we think we deserve, or we can move onto bigger and better things. Maybe this inspires you to throw your own events to show people through actions better ethics and practices. Maybe you start thinking about bigger projects and learn about other things you are also passionate about. Keep you mind open and your energy positive.

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