What DJs Should Have Learned During Festival Season

So you’ve just come back from festival season and you realized there were a few things you wish you’d done differently. If these aren’t already on your list, write em’ down for next year! These are all the things you should have learned this year during the festival season.

1. Less Partying, More Building Of Relationships!


How often do you get to run into loads of different artists, promoters and other industry professionals all in one place and NOT on facebook? Genuine interactions! Real conversations with tone of voice and facial expression. The raw and uncut versions of these people. This is your chance not only to introduce yourself but find out what other people are up to and what’s happening in their lives outside of music. You might want to note who parties a little, “too hard” if it’s someone you were previously thinking about working with.

2. Take Care Of Yourself


Whether it’s resting, eating well, drinking that aqua and watching your intact of the party hard favorites, nothing is worst then having “too good” of  a time the first night and feeling completely drained for the rest of the three day long weekend. You’ll need that energy if you want to network with the industry peeps and make a last positive impression! (Well, it’ll sure help!)

3. Get Details In Advance


We aren’t just talking gear here but lodging and food. I can’t tell you how many times even just volunteers of festivals have found themselves dehydrated, hungry and tired because the details of the accommodations weren’t worked out ahead of time. Mean while the promoter is running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off because he/she forgot to hire someone to delicate tasks. Know what you are getting yourself into in advance so that you are prepared both mentally and physically.

4. Deposits are Contracts Are A Must

How to get paid for a dj gig

You’ll always run into those artists that say they didn’t get paid, the proper gear wasn’t supplied or they didn’t even find out if it was a paid gig until AFTER they spent all the money getting out there. Contracts are meant to protect BOTH people involved. They say, “I know my shiz and I will be prepared and on time!” As well as, “Here is my worth!” I dive a bit more into that here if you’re wondering why you should use you contract next year.

5. Bring A Back Up


It’s moments before we drop our first track and we realize we can’t even plug our headphones into the damn mixer because that pesky gold headphone jack has run off with an rca cable somewhere tropical. Whether it’s an extra usb or auto cd it seems these small things can really make us go bonkers when we don’t back it up.

6. Bring And Share Promotional Material


Do you want to stand apart from the rest of the djs, then bringing along something for people to remember you by will be key. Maybe it’s a mixtape, stickers, or even a swanky business card with a link to your website. Heck, maybe you got your EPK on a USB with some new music and you gift it to one of the headliners a label owner, and tell them to check out on the plane ride home.

When you’re going to a festival it’s not uncommon for an artist to want to unwind and by all means we want you to enjoy yourself. Just keep in mind that professionally touring djs sometimes are so crazy busy on tour that there literally only have minutes before and after their dj gig and then they are being zipped off to their next gig. It’s worth the investment to do these little extra things for yourself while you still DO have the time to network and meet people. If you think you might need help reshaping your brand’s image and running your dj business more professional, I’d love to hear MORE about your goals. Let’s chat!

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