4 Reasons DJs Need to Start Thinking Globally

I was in a meeting the other day where a client was telling me when measuring their success they often compared themselves to locals. They also felt that because of this, they were always just a bit behind the leading talent in their city. With the goal in mind of becoming #1 in their field, they wanted to know how to get ahead of their competition. My answer, “Look at the BIGGER PICTURE.” I challenged them to set larger goals and start looking at people in their field that were far most successful globally. Reason being is that if their local “mentor” did not aspire to accomplish as much, they would always be following just behind. But if they looked at someone much farther in their career they could gain great information and even achieve MORE in a shorter period of time. How and why, you ask?

 4 Reasons DJs Should STOP Thinking Locally And START Thinking Globally

1. The Possibilities Become Endless

Having a residency in the top club in your home town sounds pretty awesome. But being the artist touring to all to top clubs in cities around the world… now that’s pretty bad ass. If the leading DJ in your city isn’t focused on that and you’re “following the leader” suddenly that isn’t even a goal of yours. Maybe instead of focusing on winning the attention of that local club owner, you are working on creating your own sound that gains you notoriety on a larger scale. This is also wonderful if there is not a huge pull for your niche locally. You can stay true to your craft while being able to gain success in what you love.

4 Reasons You Should STOP Thinking Locally And START Thinking Globally

2. Each Goal Become More Achievable

When that BIG GOAL seems so totally out of this world, the smaller goals become easier to achieve. For example if your goal was to play your favorite yearly event, but you changed your focus on gaining attention to big name labels and started releasing quality music, a local promoter may have caught wind of your work. They may now be asking you to open for a headlining act at that popular showcase and speaking in a workshop about production.

4 Reasons You Should STOP Thinking Locally And START Thinking Globally

3. You Work Smarter, Not Harder

When you look locally you are limiting yourself and two things tend to happen. One – You can accidentally come off like a copycat by following the top dog. Two – You miss opportunity to learn MORE. They only know as much as they have achieved, right? Switching your focus often inspires us to think outside the box and it becomes easier to set ourselves apart and an open mind to try something different.

4 Reasons You Should STOP Thinking Locally And START Thinking Globally

4. You See Your Worth And Value It

A funny thing happens when someone invests in their future. They start to value their time far more. This may mean charging your worth to being more cautious about how you spend your energy & time and who you spend it with. If you make room in your life for quality people and things you love, life becomes this beautiful and amazing experience!

Some even look OUTSIDE the globe. Chris Hemmsworth actually talks about this in his book and in many of his speeches. About when our reality is that big something is actually possible, we go for it. But when we limit ourselves… well it’s our own damn fault! So get out there my DJ friends and DREAM BIG, pan and execute DAILY!

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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons DJs Need to Start Thinking Globally

  1. Tony Fuel says:

    This is great! There are ways that we can think globally and locally at the same time. A lot of times as DJ’s it’s really easy to focus solely on our own success and being our advocate–to the point that we forget to build the community around us. One thing to consider is what we can do to build up the scene in our local community; that has the potential to yield global benefits as we help put our local area “on the map” and other regions start to recognize what’s going on in our town. We also learn valuable skills along the way that grow as we grow in our careers. As an example, producing and promoting events helps us to gain business skills while we give other DJs in our community a platform on which to shine. Forming and nurturing relationships is important at local and global levels.

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