3 Things DJs Need To Stop Saying, Today!

Have you ever gone to the gym with a goal in mind. Maybe you wanted to gain strength, increase muscle mass and or mobility. Naturally as you’re working out and altering your diet you shed some pounds. It’s not your main goal, but it’s a part of the process. You become more lean while gaining muscle mass. But if you headed into the gym without a real goal in mind and you kept telling people, “I’m not here to lose weight.” Suddenly your focus is lost. Instead of planning for what you’re trying to accomplish  you repeat a message to yourself and others that sets you up for failure. So how does this relate to the dj world? It’s the comments we make to ourselves about why we AREN’T doing this thing we so passionately love. Instead of actually focusing on WHY WE ARE DOING IT and what we hope to gain, we keep repeating what becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. It’s the top 3 things clients tell me when I ask them why they do what they love and what they hope to gain from it.

1. “I’m not in it for the money.”
I'm not in it for the money

Gaining money is like losing weight at the gym. It’s a by product of doing what you love. But when we keep putting it out into the universe that we are not looking to gain money from our passion, we subconsciously sabotage ourselves. We walk into a venue to push our event idea and we tell the bar owner, “I’m not looking to make money from this event.” You’ve just told them, “I don’t value myself and what I do enough to charge my worth.” You’ve also sometimes told them that YOU are not a good investment because they will likely lose money working with you.

Solution: This is where you can change the conversation to, “My goal to put on a memorable weekly night that people look forward to and bring their friends out each week.” Suddenly your focus is on creating a quality event that you are passion about. Gaining money just happens to be the extra benefit.

2. “I’m not in this to become famous.”

 I'm not in it for the money

This is another way people without realizing… lower their standards. Why aim high, when you can aim low and say, “I wasn’t looking to become some big hot shot by doing this anyways.” Perfect you’ve accomplished your goal and you didn’t even have to put out a mixtape. Maybe the idea is that you wanted to come off humble. I get that. But these are the same people that end up wondering why they can get a quality out of town gig or label to consider their music.

Solution: Get specific about your goals. Maybe you want to be well known in your industry for a certain type of music or skill you have. Maybe you want to be the go-to-person in your field for industry reviews on various production programs and products. Notoriety like money are a natural outcome when you focus on those BIGGER GOALS of your passion.

3. “It’s all about the music.”

 it's all about the music

It’s a seemingly innocent statement but it dismisses all of the other wonderful things that come with this career. The issue being that sometimes we detach ourselves and don’t see the value in creating meaningful relationships because we could just sit in our basement making music never talking to people. And if that’s what you’d like to do, that is fine. But there is so much beautiful music that would have never touched our ears had the inspiring musicians behind that sound not want to share that with the world.

The Idea:  It’s the people you meet, the vibe and the feelings you experience, how much you learn and grow with music. You don’t travel around the world to play music for “the music.” It doesn’t have feelings. Sure it can create different feelings for each individual but generally we want the entire experience that comes with music and how it moves us and the people around us.

Some look at it as the laws of attraction. If you continuously focus on what you don’t want, you subconsciously bring it into your life. But when you find a target, whether you know how you’ll reach your designation or not… you’ve got a goal in mind, something to visualize and plan for!

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