How To Quickly And Efficiently Rebrand In Under A Month

Sometimes our image needs a refreshing look. Our musically styles change, our sound matures and our skills improve. So why shouldn’t our brand image reflect that? What may be standing in your way is the amount of time and resources it takes to do this. Thankfully I’ve got some quick and efficient ways to get this done within the month, so let’s get to it!

1. Make a Plan

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If you’re like me you’ve could have well over 200 pieces of content to update. While it may seem overwhelming at first, if you schedule the changes daily, breaking down the work, you’ll find you can accomplish this quite easily. I recommend utilizing programs like google calendars with daily notifications to your phone.

Example: If you have 100 blogs, 90 vlogs and 10 social media platforms in which the artwork and banners needs updating you can schedule this either daily or on a Monday to Friday schedule.

In the month of you June you have 22 weekdays or 30 days including weekends to do this. Which means you can change 4 blogs and 3 vlogs daily while you can update 2-3 social banners weekly. You’ll likely find once you’re on a roll you’ll do far more than that in a day.

2. Create Your Templates

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This is a smart way to get the artwork done quickly! Once you find out what the specs are for each media banner are, you can drag, drop, resize and move around layers from your original design. You’re blogs and vlogs will literally be a copy and paste of your title each time, with a quick swap out of artwork. The initial set up may be a little more time consuming however it’ll save you time in the long hall when you are updating. It literally takes me less then 30 seconds to update  an article or vlog including the upload time. Don’t have photoshop? Use apps like Canva that give you loads of free templates and art work. And get this, they save them all for you!

3. Pre-open all the tabs

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If for example you are updating the artwork on your youtube videos. In your video manager open in a new tab the 3-4 videos you are focusing on updating that day. This can help keep you on task, focused on the work you need to finish for the day and you won’t lose your spot if you have to step away for a moment. The trick is NOT to open up distraction tabs like netflix, messenger, etc. Stay focused on the task at hand!

4. Re-schedule And Share That Great Content Again

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If you REALLY want to showcase that new rebrand you can utilize the scheduling of posts to gain some traffic on some old but great content. Maybe you have certain days you’d like to share specific information. Like #MotivatedMondays with some inspirational advice or #WickedWednesdays with some great new music you’ve produced with a #ThrowBackThursday to a previous accomplishment or music video. The great thing about this, is that is keeps you current and you can pre-schedule all of this content so that you can focus on your daily tasks.

A great example I like to use of this is when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I was out for the count. Unfortunately I had an upcoming event that following weekend. Thankfully I was able to pre-scheduled the promotional material on my pages so that it would appear that I was alive and well. Even though I was sleeping on some heavy pain medications. Maybe you’ve got a flight to an event and you will not be able to access internet for a few hours. (Which is silly since most airlines have this option.) Maybe you just need some family time to relax. At least you know that your promotional material is set to share while you focus on whatever important task or person is in front of you in the moment.

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