3 Things My Facebook Detox Taught Me About Online Marketing

During the last few months of my pregnancy the American election was coming to an end, opinions were loud and stress levels were at an all time high. I decide it was time to shut off the book of face and focus on creating some inner peace before this tiny human came into the world. Now as someone that utilizes the online world in her branding, it was quite the change of pace. In the end the experience taught me some much needed lessons about online marketing and one’s sanity.

1. Limiting your time isn’t as important as limiting what you’re exposed to

what you're exposed to

My oh my how one’s experience can change based on the people that you surround yourself with. Think about it. High energy, positive and driven vs. low energy, negative and excuse ridden. I know personally in the past I’ve tried helping people that weren’t interested in making any big changes in their life; only to feel depleted after my efforts. Much of the same is how I felt when involving myself in conversations that were not meant to inspire or learn. My mood was completely different in conversations where I felt I was being respected, heard and the same was being given to others. This is where I love to utilize the “hidden” and “unfollow options” just as much as subscribing to the content that adds value.

2. Limiting your time is STILL important

limiting your time

This could mean visiting social platforms with a goal in mind while watching the clock for each task.

For example:
– schedule content (15 minutes)
– reply to messages (20 minutes)
– read new material from influencers adding value (30 minutes)

The point is to stay on task! Ask yourself “What do I want to accomplish while I am here?” Heck, make a check list and when you find yourself getting distracted, close your eyes, look away and then review your list again.

3. If it’s draining your will to live, RUN! don’t walk.

 Run, don't walk.

Seriously. If you find yourself being sucked into ‘online drama’ shut off notifications if need be after responding (if you must respond at all.) Getting involved in online conversations can be an amazing tool when it comes to interacting, meeting like minded people and learning something new. I don’t want you to completely avoid conflict, but I do want you to be able to realize when something is just making you feel worse, rather then accomplishing a goal and adding something of value to your life. If your goal is to state your opinion with the intension that ‘it may give a different view point’ or you or someone could learn something new, awesome! If it’s to sway someone’s opinion, well… it may. But it may not. And that’s when we have to realize it is not our responsibility to change someone’s mind. We can put the information out there but at the end of the day we are only responsible for ourselves. All we can really do is BE the change we want to see in this world by using our actions.

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