How To Record A Mixtape In Less Than A Week

I’m a Mom, Wife and DJ. Planning is how I keep my sanity but sometimes opportunity pops it’s head up and you’ve just got to adapt and get shit DONE. The other week I caught GaryVee’s interview with Black Coffee. Cue all the house heads going bonkers because this influencer was talking to someone in our industry. This is what lead to my guest feature on House Jet Radio. The founder hit me up real fast and with the launch of my new event, I knew this was a great time to showcase the sound I’d be working with while putting out my brand in a space that may have not heard my style. I personally did this in two days which is why I believe YOU can easily do this in a week. Here is how I’ve set it up!

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 1 – Search For New Music

I know sounds simple but you really have to start somewhere. This is where I tend to find a lot of motivation and can’t wait to start playing. Here are some tips on saving money on your purchases. 

Day 2 – Practice Various Combinations

You could hit record and go but I find there is a bit too much pressure with that so I like to play around with different sounds. Maybe you’ve got rekordbox or mixed in key so you figure out which tracks sound most pleasing together.

Grab your free download of got rekordbox here.

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 3 – Start Recording

Don’t expect to bang out the best mix right from the get go. You might be inspired and record a full half hour, maybe you don’t find your groove until a few mixes in… which leads me to the 4th day.

Day 4 – Continuing Recording

Maybe in the middle of your mixing you had to step away or your cat jumped on your decks mid mix and you’ll have to splice some part of your mix. Continue your recording.

Bonus tip: Listen to your mix as your go. If you need to re-record a part or realize the previous recording only had sound on the left side, go back and fix any sound issues you may have missed. This is why I don’t like to limit myself to one day of recording *just in case.*

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 5 – Master Or Send To Mastering

You can download audacity for free and watch online videos on how to master your dj sets. Or you can outsource it to a professional that knows just how to do it and hopefully has a quick turnaround time.

Day 6 – Create Artwork

So you’re waiting for your mix to be mastered, might as well ensure you’ve got some great album artwork when you launch the set. You can use free resources like to create simple but stunning album covers. Or if you’d like to go real fancy, hire someone so you can get physical copies for your cd.

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 7 & beyond – Send Out Your Promo

Have you ever heard that you should spend 10% energy on your content and about 90% actually getting it out there? Crazy as it might sound, it makes so much sense. If you make a mixtape you can’t just expect people are going to know about it if you never put it out into the world.

Speaking of getting your mixtape out there, remember that one I said I record, mastered and even did the artwork for in 2 days. Here is your free download below.

Dj Kilma 2017 Mixtape