How To STOP Being a Procrastinator DJ Starting Now

There is a connection between your brain and your instinct to act. Your brain opens a task list whenever you set a goal. That means that your instinct to take action is your brain firing up when you’re near something related to you goal. A great example of this is that urge to record a DJ mix. Maybe you walk by your turntables and feel like playing music. You sit down at your computer to go on facebook, notice your digital audio workstation and think, “I should make some music.” Unfortunately hesitation is the kiss of death. It triggers a mental system designed to stop you in the most mundane moments.  We end up holding ourselves back, overthinking and talking ourselves out of doing a task. This is why it’s so important to break the pattern.  According to Mel Robbin’s and the extensive research she did for her book, it’s the most simple thing.

The 5 second rule. 

No. This isn’t about dropping food on the floor.

What is it?

The moment you notice the instinct to act count backwards from five and get moving.

5-4-3-2-1 Take action!


Why does it work?

You interrupt your default thinking when you count backwards. You end up doing what physiologists call “assert control.” Instead of giving yourself excuses you distract yourself by doing this. Your mind focuses in a new direction. Pretty cool, hey? Same goes for physically moving your body!

Speaking of excuses, you may find this article about The Fixed DJ Mindset That Is Holding You Back And How To Break Free , interesting. 

“Your brain and you body send you signals to wake up and pay attention. Your instincts may seem stupid in the moment, but when you honor them with deliberate action, it can change your life.” – Mel Robbins.

But there is more.

You actually get motivated by taking action. So many people think we have to get inspired before doing something, but with that thinking you’ll rarely get anything done.

“If you’re going to doubt something, doubt your limits.” – Mel Robbins

These small actions create a chain reaction in confidence and productivity. But don’t take my word for it, or even the science. Simply try it yourself. Next time you are thinking about hitting that snooze button on your alarm clock count 5-4-3-2-1 and get up! See someone you’d like to make a connection with? DO IT! This is one of those moments you want act, instead of think.

Are you a parent? Here are some types to find more time for your passion.

I love how Brene Brown puts it. “You can choose courage or you can chose comfort but you can not choose both.” When you alter your behaviour your mindset will also change. Eric Barker found some really interest research on it too. He says, “You procrastinate the most when you’re in a bad mood and you think you can improve it with something fun.” The best thing you can do is starting taking action now. Get off of facebook, delete your instagram if you have to and seriously break the pattern to create a new habit.

Do you know someone who does this that would find this helpful? Or maybe you’re going to try this trick yourself. Tell us what comes from it.

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