2018 Festival Application DJ Check List

The snow is on the ground (depending on where you live) and the last thing a lot of us even want to think about is leaving the house. Well I’ve got good news for those of you that are DJs and Producers. This is the perfect time to utilize my free festival check list for the 2018 festivals (Download Link Here.)

1. Latest DJ Mix

 latest dj mix

If you haven’t recorded one in the last 6 months or you simply don’t feel it’s a good example of what you would be playing at the upcoming festival, it’s time to update yours!

2. An up to date biography

 limiting your time

Make sure your biography lets the promoters know exactly what you’ve been up to, your accomplishments over the years and how you kept busy during the summer months, maybe an upcoming winter residency and previous music releases.

3. Get your social media up to date and or signed up

 The Power of accountability

Insure you are easy to find on social media, have your links updated and your profiles looking good. But “Why?” You ask? If you gain the booking, you’ll want somewhere to share the news. This will also showcase how active you are online as well! Are you engaging with your friends? Are you supporting other artists and promoters?

4. Have your up to date press-photos and logos ready to go!


Making the promotional process easier for the promoter is always a bonus. If your press-photos are ready to go it’s an easy way for the marketing team to showcase YOU on their press releases for the event.

5. Check list of festivals to apply for

 Is their business practice of value?

Maybe you’ve apply for a festival already but in all the madness of applying, you’ve forgotten which one. Event planners are already bombarded by an intense amount of artist and volunteer applications. Make sure you’re only sending out one application per event. This is also how you can keep track of which applications are due, when. Some festivals have already closed the window for applying. So make sure you don’t miss out on anymore!

Bonus tips:

 live dj producer speakers music

What sets you apart?
Think about that ‘it’ factor. How are you different from other artists? Are you a producer that can also offer a workshop at the festival? Maybe you’ve recently joined a great label or audio company that could also become a sponsor or co-producer running one of the festival stages. Think inside the box, then think outside. What are people not ALREADY offering.

Selectively follow, support and engage!
If you apply for everything it may seem like your chances of playing goes up, but when you select the festivals that you feel most suit your style and you really believe in what they are doing, you can take time to really follow, support and engage with their pages. Festivals are a space where we are trying to build up our community and support the acts and vendors that are trying to create these spaces. Let’s not just apply but show what that community looks like.

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Video Tutorials on Beat Matching, Mixing and Eqing

I’ve always found it difficult to put into words exactly what it is electronic dance music DJs are doing and how exactly to do it. From the terminology to figuring out where to start. When doing research for a previous Disc Jockey News Show I came across these 3 perfectly explained videos from a few different business professionals.

Step 1 – Counting Beats and why it’s important
DJ TML has a wonderfully, helpful channel for DJs and lays out the beats, bars and phrases right here.

Step 2 – Beat matching and mixing by ear

Christian Jackson did a simplified video of how to DJ by ear that I think you’ll really enjoy.

Step 3 – Eqing

Last but not least, here is one on DJ Tech Tools channel from Ean on Eqing. A very well thought out way of explaining this, starting with cups. Yes, you heard me!

Here you can find the video I did for Disc Jockey News T.V. Here:

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How To Record A Mixtape In Less Than A Week

I’m a Mom, Wife and DJ. Planning is how I keep my sanity but sometimes opportunity pops it’s head up and you’ve just got to adapt and get shit DONE. The other week I caught GaryVee’s interview with Black Coffee. Cue all the house heads going bonkers because this influencer was talking to someone in our industry. This is what lead to my guest feature on House Jet Radio. The founder hit me up real fast and with the launch of my new event, I knew this was a great time to showcase the sound I’d be working with while putting out my brand in a space that may have not heard my style. I personally did this in two days which is why I believe YOU can easily do this in a week. Here is how I’ve set it up!

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 1 – Search For New Music

I know sounds simple but you really have to start somewhere. This is where I tend to find a lot of motivation and can’t wait to start playing. Here are some tips on saving money on your purchases. 

Day 2 – Practice Various Combinations

You could hit record and go but I find there is a bit too much pressure with that so I like to play around with different sounds. Maybe you’ve got rekordbox or mixed in key so you figure out which tracks sound most pleasing together.

Grab your free download of got rekordbox here.

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 3 – Start Recording

Don’t expect to bang out the best mix right from the get go. You might be inspired and record a full half hour, maybe you don’t find your groove until a few mixes in… which leads me to the 4th day.

Day 4 – Continuing Recording

Maybe in the middle of your mixing you had to step away or your cat jumped on your decks mid mix and you’ll have to splice some part of your mix. Continue your recording.

Bonus tip: Listen to your mix as your go. If you need to re-record a part or realize the previous recording only had sound on the left side, go back and fix any sound issues you may have missed. This is why I don’t like to limit myself to one day of recording *just in case.*

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 5 – Master Or Send To Mastering

You can download audacity for free and watch online videos on how to master your dj sets. Or you can outsource it to a professional that knows just how to do it and hopefully has a quick turnaround time.

Day 6 – Create Artwork

So you’re waiting for your mix to be mastered, might as well ensure you’ve got some great album artwork when you launch the set. You can use free resources like Canva.com to create simple but stunning album covers. Or if you’d like to go real fancy, hire someone so you can get physical copies for your cd.

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 7 & beyond – Send Out Your Promo

Have you ever heard that you should spend 10% energy on your content and about 90% actually getting it out there? Crazy as it might sound, it makes so much sense. If you make a mixtape you can’t just expect people are going to know about it if you never put it out into the world.

Speaking of getting your mixtape out there, remember that one I said I record, mastered and even did the artwork for in 2 days. Here is your free download below.

Dj Kilma 2017 Mixtape

How To Save Money When Purchasing Tunes For Your Next DJ Gig Or Mixtape

I accidentally came across what we wished I learned earlier in my career.  I don’t want to think of the hundreds of dollars I cold have saved. I know for me I’d get so excited listening to music I would simply click that purchase button, without much thought.For some of us we used to purchase vinyl. I was spending $10-$20 for a record with two tunes, sometimes only with one that I REALLY wanted. So a buck here and a couple dollars there on a site like Itunes, really didn’t seem like a big deal. That is until I realized these 3 things.

1. There are often coupons AVAILABLE!

Beatport coupons

Beatport in particular I noticed while they would run various promotions, also had hidden coupons online that you could find if you searched for them. Sometimes simply signing up a new account with these companies allowed for special discounts. If you’re like me and you tend to add a wish-list and forget about it, you’ll find after a few days a notice to purchase that list for a percentage off. Retailmenot.com is one great source for coupons.

2. Your track may be cheaper on the same site

Have you ever search for a track to notice it on various albums at different prices? Sometimes I would simply come across a tune while checking out a playlist and I’d see a price like $1.49. Often when searching for the individual track I can usually find it for slightly cheaper. On an unrelated note, can we all just chuckle about me using Sandstorm as an example?

3. Albums give the best deals.

This is the thing I stumbled across after making the mistake of spending $10.00 on a few different tunes that ended up being on the same album, for that price but with an additional 10 other tunes, I was also digging. This is where you can get REALLY savvy, search for the tune and then check out which albums it’s in and which one has the tunes you enjoy the most! I literally just spent $30.00 on two albums and a few individual tracks and have almost 100 new tunes for my next gig and mixtape launch this week on HouseJet Radio! (Yes a promo plug.)

Bonus tip:

Leave your wish-list and come back to it every few days . (If you’re not in a rush of course.) Sometimes you’ll find you don’t actually enjoy the tunes as much as you think you did that night you were sipping on a beer. It’ll help you thin out the list to only the best tracks. This doesn’t just save you money but wasted space on your computer. And if you’re REALLY not sure if you enjoy the track or not, check out the full tune on another website like youtube or soundcloud to get a better overall feel..I do this with remixes often as those pesky previews sometimes leave a bit too much to the imagination.

Dj Kilma 2017 Mixtape

Speaking of mixtapes, here is my latest one for House Jet Radio. Listen / Download Here.
Happy listening!