4 Reasons DJs Should Give A Crap (Explicit language) How you’re putting your career on hold.

There is this idea that if you just don’t give a fuck that life will be a better experience. Life ain’t  easy, the road is not straight, and shit mosts definitely happens. While the thought of throwing caution to the wind may sounds like a great idea, I’ve got some ideas on why giving a shit is actually pretty great great and how it might just make your life just a little bit easier. Because that “fuck it” and “who cares” attitude is holding back many dj careers and we know you want to have an edge.

1. To have a sense of gratitude

Could you imagine if you did something nice for someone and they just didn’t give a fuck. Would you do that nice thing for them again? Chances are, NO. Show your gratitude and have more of it come back to you. Lack tack and watch others artists and promoters avoid you at all costs.

2. To Giving Credit To Others

Have you ever been ripped off? Worked extremely hard just to have someone take you work and take all the credit? When good things come to you, who do you end up sharing it with? Not that asshole! Give people credit in your life, for their work, their support and their love and appreciate the abundance that comes your way.

3. To Accept Responsibility

Let’s say someone made a mistake. It’s an easy fix but instead they just decided; they don’t give a rat’s ass. It is funny how someone can make a wrong, right but will choose not to because it’s “too much work.” Even though the end result can create a stronger, more respectful relationship.  Don’t be “that person.” Creating last relationships with trust!

4. To Continuously Learn

Imagine a world where your parents thought exactly the same as they did as teenagers. What a nightmare, right? A complete refusal to live in the now or plan for the future. (Sorry to those of you that have parents like that.) It keeps them stuck in old ways that just don’t work anymore. Be curious, learn about the things you care about and be open to the things you don’t. A growth of knowledge is an investments in your future. Care about becoming the best version of yourself.

Let go of the outcome

Try not to confuse “letting go of the outcome” with “not giving a fuck.” Clearly it is not healthy to be constantly stressed out about the little things, we don’t want you to sweat the small stuff. If you find you are its most likely because you are ignoring the BIG things.

I care, why don’t the people around me?

There are two main issues people tend to run into.They either don’t like confrontation or they simply don’t know how to talk to people in a way that is well received. Meaning they might avoid confrontation all together and say they don’t care, and it’s not a big deal. Or simply do not care about the end result and fly off the handle when they talk to someone.

Typically these do not end well for either person. Why? Because they are not able to get out what they mean to say in a way that is heard. It leaves people emotional un-satisfied, as a result pent up angry, hurt and often denial about the situation at hand. To the professional the person may come off as a jerk or even a push over. This behaviour can result in seriously harming not only the career you are so diligently working towards but your emotional health too.

How do we fix this?

Even if you feel completely, socially-awkward there are a few ways you can handle this.

Write it out:
– get clear about what you are trying to say and want to accomplish.
Talk it out:
– in mirror and/or to a trusted friend. Work out the conversation until it feels right.
– talking in a respectful way both about yourself and towards others.

If you can practice these techniques during smaller situations along the way, the bigger situations become a little less daunting which helps you to come off confident and in control when it matters.

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