How To Throw An Event For Dummies

We’ve all been there. Throwing our first event, thinking we’ve got it down. The night of the event happens, the DJs are pissed at us and holy crap it’s because there is no gear to play on. Yet you thought all DJs provide their own gear and that the club would take care of sound and the event would pretty much promote itself. Even if it’s not your first rodeo you might want to follow this one because I’ve added a few pro-tips to help make your event more likely to success.


Brand it.

Pick a theme, genre, demographic. Know what you want to do so you can figure out how you’re going to market this event and to who.


DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Look at other cities / countries with a simular theme and event style. See how they are marketing their work.

2. Secure a venue and date

I’d say do one before the other but it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes you’ve got to dig around and see what dates are available where, first.

Check out what other events are happening around that date. Better off putting on an event that isn’t competing with another night on the same day, or the same type of event the following day at the same venue.

3. Secure your artist / DJ line up.

Know what DJs you want to book and start confirming them, what their requested fees are, or make offers NOW.

Find out all equipment requirements during the conformation stage. This is also a great time to set up your set times.

4. Promote your event

You’ve got all the details set in stone, now it’s time to put out the word. Flyers, facebook event pages and or videos.

Give yourself PLENTY of time to do this. Events that are marketed farther in advance have better chances of doing well. Especially when there is a push for ticket sales.

If you REALLY want to go above and beyond find a local space (facebook page or forum) that shares dates of events and ensure other promoters in your area are made aware of your upcoming show. Working together as a community is a great way to help everyone win. Understanding this might not always be possible, it’s at least nice to try and consider other events in your area.

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Video Tutorials on Beat Matching, Mixing and Eqing

I’ve always found it difficult to put into words exactly what it is electronic dance music DJs are doing and how exactly to do it. From the terminology to figuring out where to start. When doing research for a previous Disc Jockey News Show I came across these 3 perfectly explained videos from a few different business professionals.

Step 1 – Counting Beats and why it’s important
DJ TML has a wonderfully, helpful channel for DJs and lays out the beats, bars and phrases right here.

Step 2 – Beat matching and mixing by ear

Christian Jackson did a simplified video of how to DJ by ear that I think you’ll really enjoy.

Step 3 – Eqing

Last but not least, here is one on DJ Tech Tools channel from Ean on Eqing. A very well thought out way of explaining this, starting with cups. Yes, you heard me!

Here you can find the video I did for Disc Jockey News T.V. Here:

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4 Ways to Find Motivation As a DJ, When You’re Just Not Feeling It

We have all experience those times that we simply did not feel motivated. Even those of us with passions closest to our heart,  can feel stuck.  Assuming you have your goal in mind, with a plan set up and you’re just feeling unmotivated and uninspired today… here are a few tricks to get you back on track.

how to motivate yourself

1. Self Encouragement

What story do you tell yourself? Do you believe in yourself and feel you are worthy? Having the right mindset is the difference between someone that will accomplish their goals vs. the person that has a million excuses as to why they wont. Why? Because your thoughts, become the actions that become your habits. If you tell yourself you’re not good enough, you wont take the necessary risks to get yourself ahead. It starts with the story in your mind. Even if you don’t believe it now, eventually you will. Start telling yourself a NEW story, today!

Did you know a positive mindset helps you to think more creatively?

Ways to motivate yourself

2. Listen To People That Motivate You

Even those of us with a positive mindset can have moments when we question ourselves. This is when we must reach out to those that motivate us. That might not necessarily be people we know personally.  It could be watching Jim Carey’s speech at the M.U.M. Reading other artists success story interviews of how they came to be and what they overcame to get there.

Ways to motivate yourself

3. Gain More Knowledge

Congratulations, you’re already on your way. To be armed with knowledge is like giving your body healthy food and exercise. It rewards your body and brain.  It may be watching the Ask Gary Vee show on how to successfully run your business, reading books on marketing or taking a production class. Suddenly we get these boosts of energy and excitement to try out the knowledge we’ve recently gained.

Ways to motivate yourself

4. jump right into it

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreaded going to the gym but 10 minutes into it, I was feeling amazing. Sometimes all we need is to simply STOP putting it off. To just dive right into our projects. Often you’ll find it actually motivates you to do more! Surprisingly it’s just as difficult to stop working, as it is to start.

But Kilma, I can’t…

Whatever you believe good or bad, will be. Nothing I say here today can change the way you feel about yourself. Only YOU can change the way you feel. I can’t make you do a darn thing, I can encourage you to, but at the end of the day you have the power. You just need to decided if you’ll use it to follow your passion or if you’ll use it to create a self-fulling prophecy.

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