How you might not be all that different from Ten Walls

In light of recent events I felt it was necessary to shed some of the light on the many different forms of branding-suicide artists and business owners alike make every day.  Ones you are very likely making, maybe unknowing. Hell, you are likely supporting artists that have made sexist, racist or bullying comments without thought. You may have even seen them as “calling it as it is.” Yet when it became the trend to “dis Ten Walls” many people seemed to have been on board for the public shaming. Which made me ask a lot of questions about what boundaries people have and how they draw the line on one thing, but not others. Was it out of love and the want for tolerance or was it possibly just something trendy to jump on board with?

Ten Walls makes Homophobic comment

If Coda Agency was so quick drop him from their roster, did that mean other artists would be more heavily looked at for discriminating behavior. As the spoke woman’s stated, “Coda Music Agency condemns all forms of discrimination based on race, religion or sexual orientation. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and to represent a hugely diverse roster of artists. “ And what about the artists not quite “there” yet. Were they making similar mistakes and killing their chances for success?

With that thought in mind I came up with some guide lines that may help you prevent yourself from a similar situation in the near future. Heck, you might even find yourself un-following some artists and deleting your old racy content just to play it safe.

Be aware of your comments & content:

Whether you are joking or feel justified in your statement, making racists, sexist or homophobic comments and you are just asking for trouble. This includes internet memes and videos. If your joke needs context it probably just isn’t a good idea in the first place.

Watch your ATTITUDE online:

Do you come off ungrateful, jaded or even hateful? Someone you know in real life might be lovely in person but their online attitude makes them seem really unhappy and difficult to work with. If you got an honest opinion about how you came across, what would people say?

Treat all people with respect:

No matter how BIG or SMALL you are as an artists, treating people poorly is one of the worst things you can do. Even if you feel they’re getting what’s coming.  I get it, some guy wronged you and he probably deserves a punch in the face but if you say it you’ll look like a jerk. If you do it, you’re facing some legal crap! Let karma work things out and you go do YOU.

Avoid aimlessly liking and following people:

Maybe you think liking lots of people will get you more friends on twitter or some traffic to your page, but suddenly you find yourself following a known sex offender or liking a facebook post that was incredibly offensive.

Think before you speak:

With great power comes great responsibility and it seems the more power people gain, the more they take advantage of the fact that people look up to them. I see this all of the time with the veterans vs. the newbie djs. They think they can walk all over them because they learned on vinyl and they think these noobs are nobody. But they ARE somebody. They were us. They are where we used to be and we need to respect their journey and remember how hard it was and how much we wanted to make them happy.

If you want to know what I mean about thinking before you speak, here is an article I wrote about 6 ways you may be offending female djs. They are common statements both men and women make without thought to how they are actually coming across.

Want more guides? Our friends at Edgar can explain many more mistakes they’ve seen people make. It’s a really great read and they too mention things you might not have even thought about. Read it here. 

Some of these might seem obvious whiles others may have once felt like an innocent joke. The reality is, regards if your joke gets you in trouble or not, the vibe you put out will attract your tribe. So if you’re not a racist, homophobic or hateful person but you put out a joke or message that shows other wise you could potentially lose the demographic you want to attract and bring in some pretty negative followers.

You don’t have to be in the big leagues to start implementing these important practices. Let’s build the scene we want to see thrive by acting the part.

Have you ever let an artists bad behavior slide because you really loved their music? Will you think twice next time you hear of discriminating comments? Or maybe there is a part of you that wants to believe someone can make a mistake and genuinely be sorry and do differently next time. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

TheGirlDJAdvantage6 Ways You Are 'Unknowingly' Being Offensive to Female Identifying Djs

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What is EDM?

I’m about to tell you what EDM is and why I think everyone could stand to LEARN what type of music they are really listening to.

“EDM? Is it that thing with the bass, and then the drop?” All you know really know is that “you can feel it in your veins!” Chances are if you’ve said that in ear shot of an Electronic music Dj that has been in the scene for 10+ years, they are probably cringing. Don’t feel bad, we were you at one point and probably shouldn’t judge either. To this day the well rounded person into loads of different music can have difficulty categorizing the many possible and ever changing genres and their sub-genres.

So what is it?

EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music.

Yes thats right, its not Electric it is Electronic. Don’t worry we thought it was cute when you said that. It’s a description of all of electronic music you listen to, not just one.

“But how do I explain such a wide range of music to my friends?” You ask.

Imagine EDM as an umbrella and under that are all of its genres and sub-genres.

Having a hard time wraping that one around your head? This website that helped me when I was getting into dance music was this one: EDM GUIDE

Things about other genres you already know, like hip and country music.

You wouldn’t call it Rap music if it was RnB or HipHop.

You wouldn’t call it Metal if it was really Punk or Alternative.

There for Techno is NOT Drum and Bass or Electro. It is it’s own category under the wide description of (Electronic Dance Music) or as you know it “EDM.”

What Is EDM?

We are describing dance music with wide assortment of electronically made music at various BPMs (beats per minute) produced and manipulated with all sorts of production programs, synths and different plug ins.

Under that broad description of electronic music you have the genres: EDM GUIDE

House, Trance, Techno, Breakbeats, Jungle, Hardcore and Downtempo

As you break down each genre into its sub-genres you realize that deep house and speed garage are still a form of house music. You notice that techno varies from progressive and minimal to euro, detroit and even tribal.

The Guide to Electronic Dance Music website even gives you a bit of history about each genre. A bit out dated and wont have genre’s like Big Room or Trap, but you get the idea around it.

Did you think you were rolling in those deep basslines when it first came out and was all the rage? Opps! That genre of music has been around yeas before you were born. You could literally hear a tune from 15 years ago and it would sound brand spanking NEW today. Why? Because 1. you’ve never heard it 2. often the music of today is the recycled music of yesterday.

Am I blowing your mind yet?

You maybe feeling silly for calling drum and bass, techno or dubstep music electro-house but now you are equipped with a little more information that will make you slightly smarter then all of your friends. Just don’t abuse that power.

Just be grateful you no longer have to sound like the poor kids in this video.

If you`ve read the chart and are still confused about what music you are listening to don`t fret. Shazam it and save it for later. (Instructions coming soon keep reading.)

Please don’t feel ashamed that you`ve told people the wrong genre because you simply didn’t know. Chances are, they never did either!

The simple reply, “If it makes me move and I can’t help but groove, its good music.” will do.

So why should you care to know what sort of music you are listening to?

Now the really fun part starts. Take the time and try to learn about the tunes you love the most and find out just what genre you are listening to. Search for other artists and labels putting out those types of tracks. Having that little extra bit of knowledge is:

1. A Great conversation starter

2. A way to impress your friends and or that guy/girl you’ve been crushing on.

Think about all of those amazing tracks you will stumble across you may never have found otherwise. You will be the talk of the party when you are showing everyone all these great new tracks you’ve discovered. (Okay, maybe only a few people will appreciate it but they’ll be the friends worth having.)


Just beware that no one likes a music snob. If you walk in the room and someone thinks that they are listening to trance and you laugh at them and say, “Oh my gosh, this is progressive-electro-house with synthesis.” You’re just being a dick. Offer some history, a story if you’d like to educate your friends if you like. It’s not about showing people up, it is about empowering and learning while enjoying some really great music. At least if it’s “about the music” for you we hope it is!

Go off into the world baby bird and discover something new and exciting!

But wait, don’t you want to know what Techno REALLY sounds like? Here is a classic example, “One Night in Hackney – Dave The Drummer and Chris Liberator.” A perfect introduction to techno with a story of a young man that visited london for the first time… as luck would have it he was exposed to loads of drugs and techno music.

There are many forms of techno that are not as “in your face” but like I tell my friends. “If you heard some TECHNO, you’d probably know because it would sound like there was a train coming through your house.”

Just incase you wanted some more.