5 Ways Artists Can Benefit From A Strong Online Presence

You may not like it, it might right out anger you but the proof is in the pudding. Having a strong online presence can have just as much an impact as your indiscretions.  In some situations your online image can impress the right people or even sway a decision in your direction due to your position or ability to story tell. These are the 5 main reasons I feel artists could really gain in having a strong online presence.

Why djs need an online presences

1. Promotes consistency

On a personal level, it keeps you accountable for your actions on and offline, Consistency can really help you stay on track in your professional life. Whether it’s weekly radio shows, monthly mix releases to keeping your website and social handles updated. When you are consistently  and promptly sharing quality content, you really must be on your game, right? Many artists find they must challenge themselves to be the online presence they promote, when offline.

Why djs need a strong online presences

2. Strengthens your brand

Many marketing companies use social media to keep brands relevant and in the face of their target audience. This is your opportunity to shine, showcasing you best qualities, music and message. A brand with well thought out posts & content will always come across more professional then the guy that wrote out a message in all it’s rawness. It may be entertaining in the moment but can also have a lasting negative impression. It depends on your target audience. Taking a moment to ensure what you put out is quality, will continue to strengthen your image.

Why djs need a strong online presences

3. Keeps You Active in Other Scenes

Unless you can afford to fly back and forth every second week, it makes it difficult to stay relevant in other scenes. If you live in Toronto but want a presence in the UK you must find creative ways to reach out to that crowd ie. radio spots, mix features and interviews. An online presence that keeps you in their view can help create opportunities you might not have had otherwise.

Why djs need a strong online presences

4. Opportunity For Authenticity

Creating a bond with your crowd through your music is powerful but sharing your worldly views, and attracting like minded folks creates an even stronger bond between you and your followers new friends.

Why djs need an online presences

5. It Gives No Doubt That You’re The Real Slim Shady

Yes, it happens, the “downside” to any successful brand. The fake profiles. The silly posts pretending to be them online.  As you gain more success in your career there will always be a troll or two around, maybe angry, bored and find entertainment in dragging your name through the dirt. While there may be a few that jump on the bandwagon at first, people are smart.  A quick google search can showcase competent and well written content and tunes.

Ending thoughts: It’s no easy task and if you lack tack, your messages can be easily misread. You are also getting to share a side of you people might never know in real life, had you not been able to reach out in these ways. From podcasts to vlogs, they get those little pieces of your life allowing people to be more a part of the experience. At the end of the day, if the goal is to be the change we want to see in this scene, we must act the part both on and offline.

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