3 Steps to Become the DJ You Want to Be


Whether you’ve been in the industry as a DJ for a long time or are just jumping into things now, these three things can make a HUGE different in your career.

1. Change the story you tell yourself.
2. Change the people you hang around.
3. Use the 5 second rule

I dive more into this in the video.

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How to have a successful Ustream.TV Channel – A guide for DJs

how to have a successful ustream.tv channel

There are quite a few ways to go about having a successful Ustream Channel but when you are using the free accounts, you’ve got to get inventive. If you can [remain basic] on the stream and still be successful you’ve got what it takes. In my video I walk you through a few tricks you might not know about. Read the rest of the post and you’ll grab a few not mentioning in the video.

Kilma The Basement Sessions


I am assuming you already have great content, like quality music and great guest DJs. So your first focal point is what people see when they are watching the stream. Does it look nice? How is the lighting? Can the viewer clearly see what is going on and who the performers are? Often I see great acts focus the camera and set up on the strangest things. Like the side of someone’s arm and one of the turntables. Take the time to get the right frame for your viewers, it’ll help your recorded session too.

Look Professional

This may be the first time someone is watching your show and first impressions are everything. Do you look like you know what you are doing? Are you well dressed, hair brushed and wide awake? Even a well groomed person can look quite frumpy if they wear the wrong attire for the jam sesh.

Edit Your Videos

Once you’re done recording you can set your video to private until you are able to go back in and edit. Take the time to trim your videos so that dead air, or an awkward ending is left out. When someone clicks play, you want the music to start, so they are not waiting or assume the video does not work. This is when you can take the time to edit your keyframe or thumbnail too. This is what will pop up as a preview on your social network sites and side bar on your channel. Titles with supporting artists and links should also be updated and properly edited.

Edit Ustream Videos


Keep Profile Updated

After initially setting up your Ustream.TV channel, you want to ensure that you are updating any new information and media links for easy access. You never know when you might land a new fan, gig or business opportunity. While some people don’t use all media links, this is why you should leave links for twitter, facebook, music sites and your websites.


If your plans are to go pro, there are affordable ways to up your game. The Logitech HD pro is one of the top cameras on the market for under $150.00 and compatible for both mac and pc. Microphones can run as little as $25-$100. Don’t forget your input options and soundcards. Using a built in input instead of the computer’s internal microphone will give you more control over what others hear, volume control and avoid background noise.

Sound check soundcard Ustream


Prepare In Advance

Whether you are focusing on practicing a great DJ set, sound check or even you social media posts BE PREPARED! I like to keep a document open with links to copy and paste on each media site. I’ll even queue up posts 15 minutes after my set starts. I write notes on a pad of paper with people and their cities to give shout outs to on the microphone. I’ll even research and mention upcoming events and local parties for my city.

Be Consistent

Running your own show can get overwhelming, but when people come to expect your shows each week you do not want to disappoint and lose viewers. On Kilma and Friends on The Basement Sessions I have guest hosts on occasional nights from other cities to take over. To keep myself steady I plan shows in advance with various DJs. It forces me to follow my commitments because I know others are counting on me. It also focuses me to clean my house… but that’s another list of goals.

live ustream.tv

Have Fun

Don’t worry about looking like an angry, depressed techno DJ. It’s okay to smile, laugh and be silly. Know your limits and get interactive with your fans. Hop on the microphone and give audience members shout outs. Jump in the chat room during the mix to say hello and see what people are talking about. Get a friend involved if the multi-tasking is getting to be too much. This is your time to shine without the pressure of a crowd to keep a packed floor. Show the world your talents, take risks and have fun.

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