Advice 4 DJs

Are you a new DJ trying to make your way around the scene? Or maybe you’ve been around for quite some time but trying to keep up with ever changing social media platforms and technology. There is good news. I offer FREE advice on my website for DJs that need some motivation and advice.

Do you need that extra boost to get your career a jump start in the right direction? I teach everything from strengthening your brand to your approach in promotion, networking and ultimately getting those DJ gigs.

The 4 Types of DJs and Who to Watch Out For
How to Land Artist Representation
How to Deal With Haters
How to Not Become a Jaded DJ

Can’t find what you want to hear about on the blog? Email me any inquires or request on topics you’d like to learn more about. You can also check out the Vlog on Youtube for #AskKilma on more personalized business questions.

If your ready to step out of that cookie cutter box of top 40 and trust someone that knows how to bring an environment for adults and like minded entrepreneurs let’s work together.

Whether it’s a work function, art excite, lounge of club experience I’m ready and excited to work with YOU.

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