4 Things Success Entrepreneurs Have In Common

4 Things Success Entrepreneurs Have In Common

There I was doing my research on successful entrepreneurs when I noticed a pattern. Interestingly enough these people  had these 4 things in common over and over again. Funny enough it often had nothing to do with their business directly but had a surprising impact.

1. They didn’t allow failure to hold them back.

4 Things Success Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Whether it was the simple fear of failing or admitting defeat, it never stopped them from trying again. And for good reason. Could you imagine if while trying to learn to read or write you made a couple spelling mistakes or read a word wrong and decide, “Well, I guess this just isn’t for me.” Life doesn’t exactly get easier just because you avoid doing something you’re scared of failing at. With persistent and practice you can over come most obstacle, or worst case LEARN from it.

2. They Take Care of Their Mental Health First

4 Things Success Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Oh how I wish this was taught in school. Your mindset has such a huge impact on not  only your physical health but in how you run your business. It’s a lot easier to make healthy business decisions when you’re mental health is on point. And don’t think for a moment taking care of that health ever means a person is, “broken.” It’s not healthy to deplete your life savings simply because you’re making a business decision on emotion rather than looking at the numbers. Nor is becoming to scared to ever make a move in your career for fear of failure (as stated above) a head space you want to be stuck in. You want to both leave the emotion out while having the ability to trust your gut when things don’t feel quite right.

3. They Take Care of Their Body

4 Things Success Entrepreneurs Have In Common

It’s easy to get caught up in your work, forget a meal here and there and call off the workout because after all, you dance all night at the bar with your rye and coke. We’ve seen how this can negative effect one’s life style when they let it get out of hand. DJs in the night life especially. Some business people start the health kick from the get go while others hit this later in their careers when they realize how not taking care of their body has a huge effect on their workflow. Eating the right food can give us clarity, energy and even affect our mental health. intrigued yet? Add in a bit of exercise and watch the difference in your work ethic. This sort of discipline can also have a positive effect on one’s confidence. Bonus!

4. They Take Time For Themselves and Their Family / Friends

4 Things Success Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Quality time is a big one for us over here. I can hang out and socialize with my friends at a gig or go out for coffee here and there to catch up with a friend. But when it comes to family this is how I recharge my batteries. That vulnerable, loving time with the people I trust and can always count on. Also, who doesn’t like baby cuddles? Or fur babies. Whatever you prefer!

But I want to hear from YOU. What things to do you for yourself that indirectly help your career? Get in the conversation on facebook. Or Twitter me!

how to make a mixtape in a week

How To Record A Mixtape In Less Than A Week

I’m a Mom, Wife and DJ. Planning is how I keep my sanity but sometimes opportunity pops it’s head up and you’ve just got to adapt and get shit DONE. The other week I caught GaryVee’s interview with Black Coffee. Cue all the house heads going bonkers because this influencer was talking to someone in our industry. This is what lead to my guest feature on House Jet Radio. The founder hit me up real fast and with the launch of my new event, I knew this was a great time to showcase the sound I’d be working with while putting out my brand in a space that may have not heard my style. I personally did this in two days which is why I believe YOU can easily do this in a week. Here is how I’ve set it up!

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 1 – Search For New Music

I know sounds simple but you really have to start somewhere. This is where I tend to find a lot of motivation and can’t wait to start playing. Here are some tips on saving money on your purchases. 

Day 2 – Practice Various Combinations

You could hit record and go but I find there is a bit too much pressure with that so I like to play around with different sounds. Maybe you’ve got rekordbox or mixed in key so you figure out which tracks sound most pleasing together.

Grab your free download of got rekordbox here.

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 3 – Start Recording

Don’t expect to bang out the best mix right from the get go. You might be inspired and record a full half hour, maybe you don’t find your groove until a few mixes in… which leads me to the 4th day.

Day 4 – Continuing Recording

Maybe in the middle of your mixing you had to step away or your cat jumped on your decks mid mix and you’ll have to splice some part of your mix. Continue your recording.

Bonus tip: Listen to your mix as your go. If you need to re-record a part or realize the previous recording only had sound on the left side, go back and fix any sound issues you may have missed. This is why I don’t like to limit myself to one day of recording *just in case.*

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 5 – Master Or Send To Mastering

You can download audacity for free and watch online videos on how to master your dj sets. Or you can outsource it to a professional that knows just how to do it and hopefully has a quick turnaround time.

Day 6 – Create Artwork

So you’re waiting for your mix to be mastered, might as well ensure you’ve got some great album artwork when you launch the set. You can use free resources like Canva.com to create simple but stunning album covers. Or if you’d like to go real fancy, hire someone so you can get physical copies for your cd.

how to make a mixtape in a week

Day 7 & beyond – Send Out Your Promo

Have you ever heard that you should spend 10% energy on your content and about 90% actually getting it out there? Crazy as it might sound, it makes so much sense. If you make a mixtape you can’t just expect people are going to know about it if you never put it out into the world.

Speaking of getting your mixtape out there, remember that one I said I record, mastered and even did the artwork for in 2 days. Here is your free download below.

Dj Kilma 2017 Mixtape

What vlogging taught me about djing

What Vlogging Taught Me About The DJ Business

Who would have thought vlogging would teach me so much about running a business?

The 5 things I learned were:
1. You have to start with what you got.
2. Content is always more important than the gear you’re using.
3. You just have to DO IT!
4. Never stop learning.
5. Planning goes a long way.

I go into more detail in the video. But I wanna hear from YOU. How have you applied random cooking classes or kick-boxing skills to your business?

How To Save Money When Purchasing Tunes For Your Next DJ Gig Or Mixtape

I accidentally came across what we wished I learned earlier in my career.  I don’t want to think of the hundreds of dollars I cold have saved. I know for me I’d get so excited listening to music I would simply click that purchase button, without much thought.For some of us we used to purchase vinyl. I was spending $10-$20 for a record with two tunes, sometimes only with one that I REALLY wanted. So a buck here and a couple dollars there on a site like Itunes, really didn’t seem like a big deal. That is until I realized these 3 things.

1. There are often coupons AVAILABLE!

Beatport coupons

Beatport in particular I noticed while they would run various promotions, also had hidden coupons online that you could find if you searched for them. Sometimes simply signing up a new account with these companies allowed for special discounts. If you’re like me and you tend to add a wish-list and forget about it, you’ll find after a few days a notice to purchase that list for a percentage off. Retailmenot.com is one great source for coupons.

2. Your track may be cheaper on the same site

Have you ever search for a track to notice it on various albums at different prices? Sometimes I would simply come across a tune while checking out a playlist and I’d see a price like $1.49. Often when searching for the individual track I can usually find it for slightly cheaper. On an unrelated note, can we all just chuckle about me using Sandstorm as an example?

3. Albums give the best deals.

This is the thing I stumbled across after making the mistake of spending $10.00 on a few different tunes that ended up being on the same album, for that price but with an additional 10 other tunes, I was also digging. This is where you can get REALLY savvy, search for the tune and then check out which albums it’s in and which one has the tunes you enjoy the most! I literally just spent $30.00 on two albums and a few individual tracks and have almost 100 new tunes for my next gig and mixtape launch this week on HouseJet Radio! (Yes a promo plug.)

Bonus tip:

Leave your wish-list and come back to it every few days . (If you’re not in a rush of course.) Sometimes you’ll find you don’t actually enjoy the tunes as much as you think you did that night you were sipping on a beer. It’ll help you thin out the list to only the best tracks. This doesn’t just save you money but wasted space on your computer. And if you’re REALLY not sure if you enjoy the track or not, check out the full tune on another website like youtube or soundcloud to get a better overall feel..I do this with remixes often as those pesky previews sometimes leave a bit too much to the imagination.

Dj Kilma 2017 Mixtape

Speaking of mixtapes, here is my latest one for House Jet Radio. Listen / Download Here.
Happy listening!

The Power of Accountability and Steps To Taking Responsibility Even When It’s Not Your Fault

Part of being a professional business owner is to hold your team and yourself accountable. We do this by acknowledging customer complaints and trying to make right of a bad situation. Unfortunately this is something that is easier said then done. Where a lot of people get stuck is when they truly do not believe they’ve done wrong and or it actually is someone else’s fault. So how do we know the difference and how do we deal with each?

1. Acknowledge, apologize and ask for more information

The Power of accountability

Even if there is little chance that this issue is on you, it’s important to acknowledge the situation, apologize that this person is experiencing it and get more information. Ignoring the complaint can actually result in someone thinking there is an issue when there is not.

2. Take Action and let people know you are.

The Power of accountability

It is time to investigate the complaint. Talk to all involved parties, get the facts and try your best NOT to be bias. Maybe you have a lovely employee that makes mistakes but you let it slide because you like them as a human being. If they are inconveniencing customers a change needs to happen. The client needs to know that you are addressing the situation and you need to make sure you in fact do!

3. Take responsibility for your part and make things right

The Power of accountability

Maybe you hired a company to set up sound at an event and they were late. Or maybe one of your team members forgot to bring the proper equipment and one of your headlining artist’s set has been delayed. If you blame those people and don’t bother to fix the situation, you’ll quickly become a part of the problem. However if you take responsibility and try to fix the situation post haste you can gain back he confidence of your client.

STOP: Ask yourself, “How could I make this situation go more smoothly next time? What should I have done differently to ensure this hadn’t happen?” This is NOT the time to become a victim. This is the time to take control of the situation and do the best you can with what you got.

4. Follow up

The Power of accountability
Do not skip this step! It’s important that the complaint has not only been resolved but that you are able to tell the customer how you will be implementing a new system in the work place to avoid future issues.

Consider this. People are more likely to share a bad experience with their friends, then to actually share a positive review of a business. Taking steps like these can change those numbers. Not only that, but you are the type of business people will want to work with.

Dare say, accountability is sexy?

What My Facebook Detox Talk Me

3 Things My Facebook Detox Taught Me About Online Marketing

During the last few months of my pregnancy the American election was coming to an end, opinions were loud and stress levels were at an all time high. I decide it was time to shut off the book of face and focus on creating some inner peace before this tiny human came into the world. Now as someone that utilizes the online world in her branding, it was quite the change of pace. In the end the experience taught me some much needed lessons about online marketing and one’s sanity.

1. Limiting your time isn’t as important as limiting what you’re exposed to

what you're exposed to

My oh my how one’s experience can change based on the people that you surround yourself with. Think about it. High energy, positive and driven vs. low energy, negative and excuse ridden. I know personally in the past I’ve tried helping people that weren’t interested in making any big changes in their life; only to feel depleted after my efforts. Much of the same is how I felt when involving myself in conversations that were not meant to inspire or learn. My mood was completely different in conversations where I felt I was being respected, heard and the same was being given to others. This is where I love to utilize the “hidden” and “unfollow options” just as much as subscribing to the content that adds value.

2. Limiting your time is STILL important

limiting your time

This could mean visiting social platforms with a goal in mind while watching the clock for each task.

For example:
– schedule content (15 minutes)
– reply to messages (20 minutes)
– read new material from influencers adding value (30 minutes)

The point is to stay on task! Ask yourself “What do I want to accomplish while I am here?” Heck, make a check list and when you find yourself getting distracted, close your eyes, look away and then review your list again.

3. If it’s draining your will to live, RUN! don’t walk.

 Run, don't walk.

Seriously. If you find yourself being sucked into ‘online drama’ shut off notifications if need be after responding (if you must respond at all.) Getting involved in online conversations can be an amazing tool when it comes to interacting, meeting like minded people and learning something new. I don’t want you to completely avoid conflict, but I do want you to be able to realize when something is just making you feel worse, rather then accomplishing a goal and adding something of value to your life. If your goal is to state your opinion with the intension that ‘it may give a different view point’ or you or someone could learn something new, awesome! If it’s to sway someone’s opinion, well… it may. But it may not. And that’s when we have to realize it is not our responsibility to change someone’s mind. We can put the information out there but at the end of the day we are only responsible for ourselves. All we can really do is BE the change we want to see in this world by using our actions.

Do you like having meaningful conversations where you are respected and heard? Do you want to be involved in more communities with good vibe peeps? Join our facebook group today!

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