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Hey Friends, Kilma here!

I am not currently doing running any workshops or doing one on one branding with artists while on Maternal leave but feel free to contact me in regards to DJ Gigs. Cheers!

branding with a bang with kilma

Do you feel stuck when it comes to showcasing your brand? Are you having a hard time finding a way to reach out to potential fans? Maybe you have a tune you’d like to share but are unsure on how to approach a radio show or label owner. What about landing those sweet dj gigs?

No worries because,  I am here to help!

Together we will review your current situation, create a goal and develop a plan that pushes your career into the direction of your vision.

Creative Marketing for djs

With our first consultation we get down to the bottom of things. We will touch on your current brand image & your personal goals.

We will also talk about:

  • Your ideal market audience
  • Where they hang out and how we can appeal to them
  • What your image says to them
  • How we might share this message in various media outlets

    Every brand is different and not every individual knows the exact answers in our first consultation. After the consultation, I will email you some resources to get you started brainstorming and ready for the next step so we can get you set up with a clear vision. 
    As I figure out your brand’s needs, I help you personalize a plan of action. That brings us to the next step. Ready to get started now? Download the vision board here and get your goal in mind!
    I help you find your story and ways to get others involved. We’ll accomplish this by creating relevant content that speak to your market audience while sharing it on various platforms.

    • Press Releases
    • Video & Podcast
    • Media Collaborations
    • Magazines
    • Blog Posts
    • Email List / Subscribers
    • Your Website

    Confused? Don’t know how to go about this? No worries, this is where I use my expertise so you can focus on your passion and build content. But before we get too ahead of ourselves we get back to basics with your online presence and website. (If it needs a bit of help, of course!)

    A regular online presence is necessary to any growing brand and I will help you navigate through a variety of social media platforms while creating engaging content.

    Here is where we will start:

    • Account Setup
    • Creative Marketing Strategy
    • Creation of Relevant Brand Content
    • Management of Multiple Social Media Channels
    • Set Calendar
    • Share of Industry Resources

    Dj Kilma on Facebook

    Because whether you are on twitter or soundcloud, you want people to find you and you want that brand to be consistent across the board.

    dj kilma on soundcloud



    Would you like to sit down for a consultation? Fill out this form and let’s get chatting!

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Offering a one time FREE Local Group Workshops: (Next July.31 , 2016)
“Common Mistakes & Easy Fixes in Branding & Marketing”
(6/12) Spaces Available – Strange Things Emporium 
Sign ups only – Email
Event Page Here


Regular course:

In this course you’ll learn how to identify your niche, differentiate in your market and get the press you deserve.



$225 includes five group sessions.
where you will learn:

1. Intro to Branding
2. Social Media Platforms
3. Growing a Loyal Fan base
4. Press Kits
5. Creative Marketing

Consultations are $50 and can be used towards your #BrandMeSilly course if you choose to take it. You will also receive 20% off of your press-kit when you book a consultation today.

Workshops Are Now Available Online

Do you  have a Google Plus Account, set up your consultation today by emailing Beats(AT)!




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