Who is Kilma?

Kilma DJ, Radio Host, Female artist, winnipeg dj house techno and edmHi there,
I am Kilma the DJ, radio host and writer from Winnipeg, MB. I love working with creative, and innovative entrepreneurs that aren’t afraid to make a few mistakes, learn something new and like me absolutely love the work they do. I enjoy teaching creative marketing tactics to entrepreneurs and artists within the community.  I also offer one on one sessions for the busy business owner looking to improve their brand and fan base. When I’m not teaching I am either DJing an event or hosting my Saturday evening radio show on Ustream.TV. On my show The Basement Sessions, I showcase quality artists and music both locally and globally.  So hit play, hang out for a while and don’t forget to let me know what you think while you’re here.

My goal: To inspire, drive and support artists to do what it takes to make their dreams a reality.

What would you like to do?

Home: This is where you are now, scroll to the video and find out “Who is Kilma?”
Advice 4 DJs: From the head game to getting those dj gigs.
The Basement Sessions: My little international radio show on Ustream.TV
Contact:  Email, social media links, request forms and Media-Kit for download here.
Events: Places you can stalk me without it seeming creepy because I’m already playing there.
Marketing Workshops:  For artists & business owners looking to expand their clientele.
Mixtapes: Where you can find and stream the latest mixtapes, radio shows and interviews.
Vlog: Video logs, you know how it goes.

Helpful articles on Branding, Music and Djing: Written by Kilma

Written for @Passionate DJ
Why great DJs Fail

Written for @Digtal DJ Tips (# 1 Article 2014)
4 Types of DJs

Written for @ReadyMix151
11 Things I wish I knew when I got my start.

Written For @TwetenOnline
Why we should be thanking the Paris Hilton DJs


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Brand Me Silly a creative marketing workshop with DJs and artists

5 thoughts on “Who is Kilma?

  1. Carlos Oliveira says:

    I couldn’t have been luckier to come across kilma’s profile on facebook, the commitment she shows to what she does it something to behold. The constant updates, posts and intriguing conversations has made her one of my most followed profiles. The support and care she shows for her fellow dj’s is not something that one normally comes across, it makes for a very valuable relationship to have her on your side. Kilma proven to be a strong presence in the dj community and will continue to be due to her ongoing commitment to the quality of everything she is involved in, don’t believe me? check out her articles, comments, help videos and that’s not even touching the shares she posts to help everyone further their own talents. Looking forward to future posts!

  2. Jonathan hunter says:

    Hi kilma. I just read your article on digital Dj and it was awesome. I have been djing since 2005 and played overseas and in the states due to being in the military. I love djing more than my service but I prefer to be a traveling Dj and or club dj. But I would love to pick your brain if possible and learn more and to be challenged. You have my email but great artice and Im looking forward to hearing from you and do a possible interview Dj504

  3. DontKilmaVibe says:

    Wow Nelson, that is really kind of you to say thank you. Chances are there is someone really wonderful and helpful in your area. But we can always reach out to those outside of our networks for help. Don’t be a stranger!

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