Who is Kilma?

Hey Friends, Kilma here!

You may have noticed my hiatus from the DJ world. If you didn’t know we have a new little addition to the dance music scene. The super cool but tiny dude takes up a lot of our time. In the mean while I am available for the occasional DJ gig but will not be doing workshops, one on ones and EPKs while on maternal leave. I thank you for your patiences during this exciting time in our lives while we make the transition into parenthood.

EPKCLICKMEI’m Kilma! A disc jockey, music producer and writer based out of Winnipeg, MB. (That’s in Canada) You’ll find me playing house and techno music anywhere from fashion and art shows to clubs and warehouse parties within the rave scene. I love working with creative, and innovative entrepreneurs that aren’t afraid to make a few mistakes, learn something new and like me absolutely love the work they do.

“You can’t stand apart if you’re stuck trying to fit in.”

I enjoy teaching creative marketing tactics to entrepreneurs and artists within the community.  I also offer one on one sessions for the busy business owner looking to improve their brand and DontKilmaVibe.comfan base. When I’m not teaching I am either DJing an event, hosting a radio shows, running a podcast with Passionate DJ, streaming a live Disc Jockey News T.V show or filming another #AskKilma Vlog.

So hit play, hang out for a while, visit the menu tabs and don’t forget to let me know what you think while you’re here.

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