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Next Events:
Sat Jan. 26  LXS Function – Regina @ The Pyramid Cabaret
Fri Mar. 08 Bass Home @ The Pyramid Cabaret
Sat Mar. 16 Studio Stiletto After Party
Fri Apr. 05 Event To Be Announced
Fri Apr. 12 TBA @ The Pyramid Cabaret
Fri May. 03 Shift Radio 101.5 UMFM
Sat Jun.22 TBA
Sat Aug. 03 Event To Be Announced

Unavailable dates:
April 14th
June 1st
June 30th

2018 Events: 31
Fri Feb.16  Footw3rk Dance Club (216 McDermot)
Sat Feb.24 Techno Event @ IFF (383 McMillan Ave)
Fri Mar.09 Chemistry @ Footw3rk Dance Club (216 McDermot)
Sat Mar.24 Junction X @ Footw3rk Dance Club (216 McDermot)
Thu Mar.29 Low Steppa @ Footw3rk Dance Club (216 McDermot)
Fri Apr.13 Flipside & Chris Vench @ Footw3rk Dance Club (216 McDermot)
Sat Apr. 21 Bassment Sessions @ Live Video Stream
Fri Apr. 27 Chemistry @ Footw3rk Dance Club (216 McDermot)
Sat May. 05 Tuxedo Event
Sun May. 19 The Bassment Sessions
Sun May. 27 The WKND Grand Opening & Fundraising Event
Fri Jun 17 @ Garage Sessions Vol. 02
Fri Jun 22 @ Back @ House – The Pyramid
Fri Jun 29 Northern Touch Music Festival & Conference (DJ Panel Talk) Red River
Fri Jul 13 @ Footw3rk
Sat Jul 14 @ D.I.W.T
Fri Aug 02 House Train Radio
Fri Aug 03 Emotion Music Festival  (Stoney Ridge Campground, MB)
Sat Aug 25 Cornwall Centre (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Sat Aug 26 Cornwall Centre (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Sat Sept. 02 Garage Sessions Vol. 04
Sat Oct. 06 John Norman Footw3rk Dance Club (216 McDermot)
Sat Oct. 13 LXS Function
Fri Nov. 02 Private Function
Sun Nov. 11 Basement Sessions Event @ Private Location
Sat Nov. 17 Chemistry 3 – Hypnotic @Footw3rk Dance Club
Sat Nov. 24 LXS Function
Sat Dec. 08 LXS Function
Sun Dec. 09 LXS Function
Fri Dec. 21 Monkey Twerk @ Footw3rk
Mon Dec. 31 Masquerade (NYE Event) @Footw3rk Dance Club

With an ever-changing music scene it takes someone who not only enjoys music but understands how it affects the people who listen to it. I provide an atmosphere from a relaxing lounge setting to music that makes you want to get out of your seat and dance. Yes, even that underground warehouse style! Are you are an innovative event coordinator or business owner searching to provide an atmosphere unique from your competition? I’m excited to share my knowledge, experience and skill set that will help you stand apart; offering a refreshing setting to your clientele.

If you’re a local Winnipeg business owner click HERE to learn more about what I can offer you. If you are an out of town promoter or club owner, learn more about my 10+ years experience and accomplishments as a DJ & Producer by clicking here.

Addition services I provide are workshops in branding and creative marketing to motivational speeches. View my press releases here to watch & listen to previous work.


Live Video / Podcasts / Radio: 6

Live Kilma live 001

Tuesday July.11 7:45pm CST Disc Jockey News T.V.
Thursday August.31 8:00pm CST Disc Jockey News T.V
Friday September.08 10:00 pm CST Shift Radio 101.5 UMFM
Sunday November.05 Mi Casa Radio (Live Video Stream)
Monday December.11th 8pm CST Disc Jockey News T.V.
Friday December.29 sHiFt Radio 101.5 UMFM (LIVE)

Live DJ Events 2017: 16
Saturday July.08 Thrive@ Aurora (842 Corydon Ave) Guest DJ Mae
Saturday July.15 Thrive@ Aurora (842 Corydon Ave) Guest DJ Adam Scott
Saturday July.22 Thrive@ Aurora (842 Corydon Ave) Guest DJ Wanda G
Saturday July.29 Thrive@ Aurora (842 Corydon Ave) Guest DJ Mark Grimace
Saturday August.05 Thrive@ Aurora (842 Corydon Ave) Guest DJ Mae
Saturday August.12 Thrive@ Aurora (842 Corydon Ave) Guest DJ Stop.
Saturday August.19 Thrive @ Aurora (842 Corydon Ave) Guest DJ Jared Star
Saturday August.26 Thrive @ Aurora (842 Corydon Ave) Guest DJ Wanda G
Saturday September.02 Thrive @ Aurora (842 Corydon Ave) Guest DJ Oxide & Joe
Saturday September.16 Private Event
Friday September.22 Collective Vibes 2 @ XCues
Saturday November.18 @ Underground Revival (Live Stream)
Friday November 24 @ IFF Kid Rave
Wednesday December.27th @ Handsome Daughter Live Akylla Performance
Sunday December.31 @ IFF (New Years Eve Event)



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