As a presenter for Disc Jockey News T.V.  I answer your questions as DJs trying to deal with issues in branding, running their business, tips and tricks for great sets, even question about dealing with vibe killin’ situations. Because let’s face it, we all  find ourselves in one at some point or another in these careers.

When I’m not answer your questions I host the interview series called The DJ Spotlight asking other DJs for their insight. In this series I speak with some of the most successful Disc Jockey’s world wide about their experience,  drive, how they continue to reach for their goals, manage their time, heck even workflow ideas and inspiring stories of overcoming adversity.

You can also catch some behind the Scenes actions on my Little DJ Life series for DontKilmaVibe below.

When I’m not releasing the weekly videos I am hosting the Monthly CGRadio Podcast. Check out our latest Special EDC Episode here featuring Hans aka Murdock of Viper \ Rampage Derek aka Fallen  of Insomniac, Bassrush Talent Buyer and Bassrush Records Shane aka Consouls of Insomniac & Bassrush Talent Buyer  as well as Franko aka Turno of Titan Records and Elevate Audio.

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